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Obituary: Lydia Cookson Blackden (1835-1920)

Mrs. Lydia Blackden

Mrs. Lydia Blackden passed quietly away on Sunday, Aug. 1 (1920) at the home of her son F. A. Blackden on Silver Street (Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine).  Although she had been in failing health for many years, and for about tow months been confined to her bed, yet her death came as a shock to those who watched at her bedside. She is survived by three sons and three daughters, O. E. Blackden of Presque Isle, G. F. and F. A. of Mars Hill, Mrs. A Sylvester of Westfield, Mrs. J. C. Rundlett of Portsmouth, N. H.  and Mrs. N. W. Margison of Mars Hill also grandchildren, greatgrand children and great great grand children, two sisters, Mrs. Henry Littlefield of Belgarde and Mrs J Blackden of Everett, Mass., one brothers, Addison Cookson of Newburg, besides a large circle of other relatives.

Mrs. Blackden was born in Greenfield Maine, May 18 1835  therefore being 85 years, 2 months and 12 days old at the time of her death. She was united in marriage to N B Blackden in 1851, and lived in Etna for twenty eight years then removing to Mars Hill where they lived until a few years before the death of her husband being there in Dexter since she has lived in different places with her children.

The funeral services were from the late home. Words of comfort were spoken by Rev. Wm. Snow of he M. E. church. Singing by the M E choir. The funeral was in charge of H L Dillen. The pall bearers were four grand sons, Fred, Arthur and Don Sylvester and Dale Blackden. The remains were accompanied to Etna by Mrs. J C Rundlett and Mrs and Mrs R V Morgragn. Interment was made in North Etna cemetery. New all the weary days are over, Care and sorrow are known no more, May you find sweet rest on the other shore, In God’s dear care.


Mars Hill Review, August 12, 1920

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Obituary: Abigail Fulton Bartley (1847-1915)

obituary abigail fulton bartley

Died at Beaconsfield, August 4th, 1915, Mrs. Abigail Fulton Bartley aged 68 years 5 months; deceased was born in Greenfield N.B. She was united in marriage to John E Bartley in 1868, residing in Knoxford N.B. for a number of years, then removing to Beaconsfield where they have resided. Seven children have bless their union, four who have preceded her in “the beyond”. The othert (sic) are Havelock and Thomas of Westfield and Wellington, who resides on the homestead farm. Husband, sons and eleven grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends mourn their loss.

Mrs Bartley became a christian in her early youth uniting with the F B denomination. She was a faithful wife, a loving mother and affectionate sister. A kind neighbor and friend has gone to her reward. She was always of a serious, kind disposition yet hospitable and kind with a home ever open and welcome to strangers and friends and a life until about thirteen years ago full of work and self sacrifice caring little for self but ever watchful the happiness and comfort of others.

During the years that she has been in failing health she has seldom murmured, bearing patiently her afflictions. Her last sickness confining her to her bed the most of the time lasted about five months, loving husband, children, sister and friends with kindly attentions strove to make her last hours as comfortable as possible.

Her sisters are Mrs R L Bell, Mrs W W Larabee, and Mrs. Fred Blackden of Mars Hill, her brothers are E J Fulton of Cass Lake, Minn., J W and Dr A J of Blaine, and L H and G W of Mars Hill.

Relatives of Knoxford, N B attending the funeral were Samuel Fulton, wife and two sons and Harvey, Ed Bartley and wife and Leonard Bartley and son Austin Barley and wife, also Mrs Sarah Fulton of Houlton. Relatives from Mars Hull and Blaine were two brothers and three sisters and one niece. Services from the F B church near the home of the departed, Rev. Byron Orff officiating, choosing for his subject :The Vanity and Brevity of Life”, using the text in 1st Samuel , 20th chapter and 3rd verse. “But truly as the Lord liveth, and thy soul liveth, there is only a step between e and death.”

Conductor was Mr Geo Buckingham. A choir consisting of Mr B W Ladner, Mr Bert Flewelling, Mrs Boyd Flewelling and Mrs Jacobs with Hazel Flewelling as organist sung beautifully the following selections, “He;s the One”, :”In that Bright City”, and “He Will Wipe All Tears Away”. The pall bearers were Scott, Douglas and Cal Nicholson and David Crabtree. Internment in the F B cemetery at Beaconsfield.

Sister, rest in thy narrow house, thou shalt never wake to weep.
For care and sorrow has flown away for he giveth his beloved sleep.
Years of sickness, loss of loved ones that has made thee mourn and weep,
Now thy grief has turned to gladness for he giveth his beloved sleep,
Farewell sister though we miss thee. as we view thy vacant seat,
But we bow in meek submission, since he giveth his beloved sleep.

S. B. B (Stella Blanche Fulton Blackden)

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Photo: Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16 years old

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster, daughter of James W H Webster and Mary Clark, was born on 4 April 1850 or 1851 in St. Stephens New Brunswick.

By 1858, she and her family moved to Mars Hill Maine.

On 18 Mar 1868, she married Ephriam J Fulton, eldest son of Robert M Fulton and Martha Jones.

She and Ephraim had 6 children: Benjamin Franklin, Mabel, Erman, Ethel, Edith, Annie. All were born in Mars Hill except for Annie who was born in Minnesota.

Louisa and Ephraim later divorced and she lived with various daughters.

Louisa Webster Fulton died on 24 Mar 1925.

Photo: Beeby Bunge Collection

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It is interesting to note that the RM diaries mention a variety of peddlers visiting the town of Mars Hill and the Fulton home.

April 1886: McGaw, George Whittaker
June 1886: George Whitcome; ;  unknown “a peddler selling specs”
Aug 1886: James More
Sept 1886: Thomas H More; Watten
Nov 1886: T H More
Dec 1886: David Hartley
Feb 1889: Two Rag peddlers
May 1889: Mr. Oliver, a map peddler
Aug 1889: Meat Peddler
Sept: 1889: George Jollimore, Beef Peddler; Nehemiah Stairs, Apple Peddler
Dec 1889: a book peddler;  Leslie W. Herd – a clock fixer and peddler
Nov. 1891: McNinch, the peddler
Oct 1892: woman peddler (with John Jamison)
Dec 1892: German woman peddler
June 1893: Watten, the wool peddler
Sept 1893: peddler from Fort Fairfield
Dec 1893: Joe Charles, an Arabian peddler
Jan 1895: two peddlers here today, ” A man and a woman from Fort Fairfield”; peddler here today from Bridgewater by the name of Night (Knight)
Oct 1895: Two Arabian peddlers, stayed around for three days
Oct 1896: three peddlers, RM purchased a shirt
Mar 1897: Fish peddler
April 1897: Peddler, Siberian (Syrian?)

It appears a number of Lebanese- Syrian – Arabian- families came to the United States via Ellis Island and were given goods to sell in Northern Maine. Many were listed in the 1900 census in Fort Fairfield. To learn more, click on this link to hear a portion of a 1972 Oral History interview with Louis / Lewis Ayoob on the Turner Memorial Library website: http://resources.presqueisle.lib.me.us/omeka/exhibits/show/fort-fairfield/other-stories/lewis-ayoob

In census years, the immigrants listed their birthplace as Turkey, Syria.

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The Diary (1895)

As noted in the description on the right, two of the diaries are privately held. To supplement the transcribed diaries, I thought it might be nice to include a few pictures of an actual diary. thanks Rod!

Diary 1895

Diary 1895

RM Fulton Open Page

Robert Fulton Diary

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Photo: Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Henry Havelock was born 23 Feb 1871 in Greenfield, New Brunswick, the son of John Bartley and Abigail Fulton.  On 24 Oct 1894, he married Mabel Ethel Kennedy in Easton, Maine.

In 1904, he moved to Westfield Maine.

Children: Henry Earl, Ashton Ray, Ralph Willis, Harold Hale and Leversa Gertrude, Clifford,  Raymond Allison, Norvil Elwood, Curtis Albert, Vernon Havelock, Ruth Alice.

Havelock died on 09 Jan 1932 and Mabel died on 28 Aug 1962 in Westfield Maine.

Photo source: T Porter Fahey

Addendum (Rod Fulton)

“Havelock Bartley was born Feb. 23, 1871. The son of John and Abigail (Fulton) Bartley. He was 6’6″ tall and called a mountain’ of a man. So much so that he had to have his axe special made to accommodate his size and strength. Hav, as most called him, married Ethel Kennedy October 24, 1894 in Easton, Maine. Ethel’s parents were Thomas and Jane Kennedy. E.W. Sprague of Easton, Justice of Peace, performed the ceremony.

Hav was the first of the Thomas Bartley family to emigrate to the United States. This was done in 1904 when they moved to the Shorey Road in Westfield. In 1907 he bought property and built a farm lying North of Westfield four corners on the West side of route #1.”

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