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I am looking for photos and information about the people mentioned in the Robert Fulton diaries. Please contact me if you would like to share: neeantworth@gmail.com

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Photo: Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16 years old

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster, daughter of James W H Webster and Mary Clark, was born on 4 April 1850 or 1851 in St. Stephens New Brunswick.

By 1858, she and her family moved to Mars Hill Maine.

On 18 Mar 1868, she married Ephriam J Fulton, eldest son of Robert M Fulton and Martha Jones.

She and Ephraim had 6 children: Benjamin Franklin, Mabel, Erman, Ethel, Edith, Annie. All were born in Mars Hill except for Annie who was born in Minnesota.

Louisa and Ephraim later divorced and she lived with various daughters.

Louisa Webster Fulton died on 24 Mar 1925.

Photo: Beeby Bunge Collection

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It is interesting to note that the RM diaries mention a variety of peddlers visiting the town of Mars Hill and the Fulton home.

April 1886: McGaw, George Whittaker
June 1886: George Whitcome; ;  unknown “a peddler selling specs”
Aug 1886: James More
Sept 1886: Thomas H More; Watten
Nov 1886: T H More
Dec 1886: David Hartley
Feb 1889: Two Rag peddlers
May 1889: Mr. Oliver, a map peddler
Aug 1889: Meat Peddler
Sept: 1889: George Jollimore, Beef Peddler; Nehemiah Stairs, Apple Peddler
Dec 1889: a book peddler;  Leslie W. Herd – a clock fixer and peddler
Nov. 1891: McNinch, the peddler
Oct 1892: woman peddler (with John Jamison)
Dec 1892: German woman peddler
June 1893: Watten, the wool peddler
Sept 1893: peddler from Fort Fairfield
Dec 1893: Joe Charles, an Arabian peddler
Jan 1895: two peddlers here today, ” A man and a woman from Fort Fairfield”; peddler here today from Bridgewater by the name of Night (Knight)
Oct 1895: Two Arabian peddlers, stayed around for three days
Oct 1896: three peddlers, RM purchased a shirt
Mar 1897: Fish peddler
April 1897: Peddler, Siberian (Syrian?)

It appears a number of Lebanese- Syrian – Arabian- families came to the United States via Ellis Island and were given goods to sell in Northern Maine. Many were listed in the 1900 census in Fort Fairfield. To learn more, click on this link to hear a portion of a 1972 Oral History interview with Louis / Lewis Ayoob on the Turner Memorial Library website: http://resources.presqueisle.lib.me.us/omeka/exhibits/show/fort-fairfield/other-stories/lewis-ayoob

In census years, the immigrants listed their birthplace as Turkey, Syria.

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The Diary (1895)

As noted in the description on the right, two of the diaries are privately held. To supplement the transcribed diaries, I thought it might be nice to include a few pictures of an actual diary. thanks Rod!

Diary 1895

Diary 1895

RM Fulton Open Page

Robert Fulton Diary

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Photo: Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Henry Havelock was born 23 Feb 1871 in Greenfield, New Brunswick, the son of John Bartley and Abigail Fulton.  On 24 Oct 1894, he married Mabel Ethel Kennedy in Easton, Maine.

In 1904, he moved to Westfield Maine.

Children: Henry Earl, Ashton Ray, Ralph Willis, Harold Hale and Leversa Gertrude, Clifford,  Raymond Allison, Norvil Elwood, Curtis Albert, Vernon Havelock, Ruth Alice.

Havelock died on 09 Jan 1932 and Mabel died on 28 Aug 1962 in Westfield Maine.

Photo source: T Porter Fahey

Addendum (Rod Fulton)

“Havelock Bartley was born Feb. 23, 1871. The son of John and Abigail (Fulton) Bartley. He was 6’6″ tall and called a mountain’ of a man. So much so that he had to have his axe special made to accommodate his size and strength. Hav, as most called him, married Ethel Kennedy October 24, 1894 in Easton, Maine. Ethel’s parents were Thomas and Jane Kennedy. E.W. Sprague of Easton, Justice of Peace, performed the ceremony.

Hav was the first of the Thomas Bartley family to emigrate to the United States. This was done in 1904 when they moved to the Shorey Road in Westfield. In 1907 he bought property and built a farm lying North of Westfield four corners on the West side of route #1.”

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Photo: Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson was born on 18 Mar 1835 on Greenfield, Penobscot, Maine, the daughter of Abram Cookson and Sybil Witheum.

On 06 Oct 1851 she married Napoleon Bonapart Blackden. Together they had 7 children:

Rachel M Blackden
Arvilla Frances Blackden
Owen Erastis Blackden
Lillian Rosilla?laversa Blackden
George “Frank” Blackden
Fred Allen Blackden
Irene “Rena” Kelly Blackden

The family lived for many years in Etna Maine. By 1880, they had moved to Mars Hill, Maine.

Lydia died on 01 Aug 1920.

Link to grave on Findagrave.com

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Photo: B F Pierce (Benjamin Franklin) and Maude Sylvester

Maude Sylvester and BF Pierce (Sylvan)

B F Pierce and Maude Sylvester Benjamin Franklin Pierce b. May 1856- d. 26 Aug 1945.

1900: Mars Hill. Occupation: Dealer of General Merchandise.

Married to Nellie Jewell

Children: Elmer Pierce Lula Pierce (wife of Rue Thomas Snow and 2nd wife of Oliver Own Blackden)

B F Pierce married Maude Sylvester, daughter of Egar Sylvester and Lydia Haskell about 1891.

Children: Bessie Pierce Nettie Pierce Zella Pierce C Hume Pierce (1902-1963) Photo credit: Sylvan Collection

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