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Obituary: Lydia Cookson Blackden (1835-1920)

Mrs. Lydia Blackden

Mrs. Lydia Blackden passed quietly away on Sunday, Aug. 1 (1920) at the home of her son F. A. Blackden on Silver Street (Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine).  Although she had been in failing health for many years, and for about tow months been confined to her bed, yet her death came as a shock to those who watched at her bedside. She is survived by three sons and three daughters, O. E. Blackden of Presque Isle, G. F. and F. A. of Mars Hill, Mrs. A Sylvester of Westfield, Mrs. J. C. Rundlett of Portsmouth, N. H.  and Mrs. N. W. Margison of Mars Hill also grandchildren, greatgrand children and great great grand children, two sisters, Mrs. Henry Littlefield of Belgarde and Mrs J Blackden of Everett, Mass., one brothers, Addison Cookson of Newburg, besides a large circle of other relatives.

Mrs. Blackden was born in Greenfield Maine, May 18 1835  therefore being 85 years, 2 months and 12 days old at the time of her death. She was united in marriage to N B Blackden in 1851, and lived in Etna for twenty eight years then removing to Mars Hill where they lived until a few years before the death of her husband being there in Dexter since she has lived in different places with her children.

The funeral services were from the late home. Words of comfort were spoken by Rev. Wm. Snow of he M. E. church. Singing by the M E choir. The funeral was in charge of H L Dillen. The pall bearers were four grand sons, Fred, Arthur and Don Sylvester and Dale Blackden. The remains were accompanied to Etna by Mrs. J C Rundlett and Mrs and Mrs R V Morgragn. Interment was made in North Etna cemetery. New all the weary days are over, Care and sorrow are known no more, May you find sweet rest on the other shore, In God’s dear care.


Mars Hill Review, August 12, 1920

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Obituary: Abigail Fulton Bartley (1847-1915)

obituary abigail fulton bartley

Died at Beaconsfield, August 4th, 1915, Mrs. Abigail Fulton Bartley aged 68 years 5 months; deceased was born in Greenfield N.B. She was united in marriage to John E Bartley in 1868, residing in Knoxford N.B. for a number of years, then removing to Beaconsfield where they have resided. Seven children have bless their union, four who have preceded her in “the beyond”. The othert (sic) are Havelock and Thomas of Westfield and Wellington, who resides on the homestead farm. Husband, sons and eleven grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends mourn their loss.

Mrs Bartley became a christian in her early youth uniting with the F B denomination. She was a faithful wife, a loving mother and affectionate sister. A kind neighbor and friend has gone to her reward. She was always of a serious, kind disposition yet hospitable and kind with a home ever open and welcome to strangers and friends and a life until about thirteen years ago full of work and self sacrifice caring little for self but ever watchful the happiness and comfort of others.

During the years that she has been in failing health she has seldom murmured, bearing patiently her afflictions. Her last sickness confining her to her bed the most of the time lasted about five months, loving husband, children, sister and friends with kindly attentions strove to make her last hours as comfortable as possible.

Her sisters are Mrs R L Bell, Mrs W W Larabee, and Mrs. Fred Blackden of Mars Hill, her brothers are E J Fulton of Cass Lake, Minn., J W and Dr A J of Blaine, and L H and G W of Mars Hill.

Relatives of Knoxford, N B attending the funeral were Samuel Fulton, wife and two sons and Harvey, Ed Bartley and wife and Leonard Bartley and son Austin Barley and wife, also Mrs Sarah Fulton of Houlton. Relatives from Mars Hull and Blaine were two brothers and three sisters and one niece. Services from the F B church near the home of the departed, Rev. Byron Orff officiating, choosing for his subject :The Vanity and Brevity of Life”, using the text in 1st Samuel , 20th chapter and 3rd verse. “But truly as the Lord liveth, and thy soul liveth, there is only a step between e and death.”

Conductor was Mr Geo Buckingham. A choir consisting of Mr B W Ladner, Mr Bert Flewelling, Mrs Boyd Flewelling and Mrs Jacobs with Hazel Flewelling as organist sung beautifully the following selections, “He;s the One”, :”In that Bright City”, and “He Will Wipe All Tears Away”. The pall bearers were Scott, Douglas and Cal Nicholson and David Crabtree. Internment in the F B cemetery at Beaconsfield.

Sister, rest in thy narrow house, thou shalt never wake to weep.
For care and sorrow has flown away for he giveth his beloved sleep.
Years of sickness, loss of loved ones that has made thee mourn and weep,
Now thy grief has turned to gladness for he giveth his beloved sleep,
Farewell sister though we miss thee. as we view thy vacant seat,
But we bow in meek submission, since he giveth his beloved sleep.

S. B. B (Stella Blanche Fulton Blackden)

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Photo: Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16 years old

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster Fulton, age 16. Copy made in Minnesota from original?

Louisa Webster, daughter of James W H Webster and Mary Clark, was born on 4 April 1850 or 1851 in St. Stephens New Brunswick.

By 1858, she and her family moved to Mars Hill Maine.

On 18 Mar 1868, she married Ephriam J Fulton, eldest son of Robert M Fulton and Martha Jones.

She and Ephraim had 6 children: Benjamin Franklin, Mabel, Erman, Ethel, Edith, Annie. All were born in Mars Hill except for Annie who was born in Minnesota.

Louisa and Ephraim later divorced and she lived with various daughters.

Louisa Webster Fulton died on 24 Mar 1925.

Photo: Beeby Bunge Collection

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It is interesting to note that the RM diaries mention a variety of peddlers visiting the town of Mars Hill and the Fulton home.

April 1886: McGaw, George Whittaker
June 1886: George Whitcome; ;  unknown “a peddler selling specs”
Aug 1886: James More
Sept 1886: Thomas H More; Watten
Nov 1886: T H More
Dec 1886: David Hartley
Feb 1889: Two Rag peddlers
May 1889: Mr. Oliver, a map peddler
Aug 1889: Meat Peddler
Sept: 1889: George Jollimore, Beef Peddler; Nehemiah Stairs, Apple Peddler
Dec 1889: a book peddler;  Leslie W. Herd – a clock fixer and peddler
Nov. 1891: McNinch, the peddler
Oct 1892: woman peddler (with John Jamison)
Dec 1892: German woman peddler
June 1893: Watten, the wool peddler
Sept 1893: peddler from Fort Fairfield
Dec 1893: Joe Charles, an Arabian peddler
Jan 1895: two peddlers here today, ” A man and a woman from Fort Fairfield”; peddler here today from Bridgewater by the name of Night (Knight)
Oct 1895: Two Arabian peddlers, stayed around for three days
Oct 1896: three peddlers, RM purchased a shirt
Mar 1897: Fish peddler
April 1897: Peddler, Siberian (Syrian?)

It appears a number of Lebanese- Syrian – Arabian- families came to the United States via Ellis Island and were given goods to sell in Northern Maine. Many were listed in the 1900 census in Fort Fairfield. To learn more, click on this link to hear a portion of a 1972 Oral History interview with Louis / Lewis Ayoob on the Turner Memorial Library website: http://resources.presqueisle.lib.me.us/omeka/exhibits/show/fort-fairfield/other-stories/lewis-ayoob

In census years, the immigrants listed their birthplace as Turkey, Syria.

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The Diary (1895)

As noted in the description on the right, two of the diaries are privately held. To supplement the transcribed diaries, I thought it might be nice to include a few pictures of an actual diary. thanks Rod!

Diary 1895

Diary 1895

RM Fulton Open Page

Robert Fulton Diary

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Photo: Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Havelock Bartley and Mabel Kennedy

Henry Havelock was born 23 Feb 1871 in Greenfield, New Brunswick, the son of John Bartley and Abigail Fulton.  On 24 Oct 1894, he married Mabel Ethel Kennedy in Easton, Maine.

In 1904, he moved to Westfield Maine.

Children: Henry Earl, Ashton Ray, Ralph Willis, Harold Hale and Leversa Gertrude, Clifford,  Raymond Allison, Norvil Elwood, Curtis Albert, Vernon Havelock, Ruth Alice.

Havelock died on 09 Jan 1932 and Mabel died on 28 Aug 1962 in Westfield Maine.

Photo source: T Porter Fahey

Addendum (Rod Fulton)

“Havelock Bartley was born Feb. 23, 1871. The son of John and Abigail (Fulton) Bartley. He was 6’6″ tall and called a mountain’ of a man. So much so that he had to have his axe special made to accommodate his size and strength. Hav, as most called him, married Ethel Kennedy October 24, 1894 in Easton, Maine. Ethel’s parents were Thomas and Jane Kennedy. E.W. Sprague of Easton, Justice of Peace, performed the ceremony.

Hav was the first of the Thomas Bartley family to emigrate to the United States. This was done in 1904 when they moved to the Shorey Road in Westfield. In 1907 he bought property and built a farm lying North of Westfield four corners on the West side of route #1.”

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Photo: Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson was born on 18 Mar 1835 on Greenfield, Penobscot, Maine, the daughter of Abram Cookson and Sybil Witheum. Her brother Asa Cookson lived in the area until his death in 1918. 

On 06 Oct 1851 she married Napoleon Bonapart Blackden. Together they had 7 children:

Rachel M Blackden
Arvilla Frances Blackden
Owen Erastis Blackden
Lillian Rosilla?laversa Blackden
George “Frank” Blackden
Fred Allen Blackden
Irene “Rena” Kelly Blackden

The family lived for many years in Etna Maine. By 1880, they had moved to Mars Hill, Maine.

Lydia died on 01 Aug 1920.

Link to grave on Findagrave.com


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Photo: B F Pierce (Benjamin Franklin) and Maude Sylvester

Maude Sylvester and BF Pierce (Sylvan)

B F Pierce and Maude Sylvester Benjamin Franklin Pierce b. May 1856- d. 26 Aug 1945.

1900: Mars Hill. Occupation: Dealer of General Merchandise.

Married to Nellie Jewell

Children: Elmer Pierce Lula Pierce (wife of Rue Thomas Snow and 2nd wife of Oliver Own Blackden)

B F Pierce married Maude Sylvester, daughter of Egar Sylvester and Lydia Haskell about 1891.

Children: Bessie Pierce Nettie Pierce Zella Pierce C Hume Pierce (1902-1963) Photo credit: Sylvan Collection

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Photo : Rachel Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Alden and Rachel Blackden Sylvester

Rachel M Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Rachel Blackden Sylvester was the eldest child of Napoleon Bonapart Blackden and Lydia Cookson.  She was born 13 Mar 1854 in Etna Maine. She married Alden Sylvester, son of Ansel Sylvester and Louisa Torrey,  on 07 Apr 1872 .


Florence Sylvester
Herbert Sylvester
Fred Alton Sylvester
Arthur Clayton Sylvester
Alice L Sylvester
Lena Sylvester
Don Carroll Sylvester
Pearl Sylvester
Ivda Sylvester
Lillian Sylvester

(photo credit: Sylvan Collection)

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Ladies Aid Society Friendship Quilt- 1897 with index of names

1897 Redwork Quilt- Ladies Aid Society

1897 Redwork Quilt- Ladies Aid Society

A 1897 Redwork Friendship quilt was found in Arizona at a local Goodwill store in the summer of 2012 that originated in Mars Hill and Blaine Maine. The finder contacted me, shared photos and was willing to sell it to me since it has connections to Aroostook County- the home of many of my ancestors.  Some of the same family names on the quilt are also mentioned in the Robert Fulton’s Diaries.

As I research each name, I will add information  about those who signed the quilt. Please contact me if you have new information or photos about any of the 61 quilters.

Update: The quilt has returned to its original home and is now owned by the Central Aroostook Historical Society.

Click on the linked names to see information about each person:
Row *1

Mrs. B A Jones, Houlton, Maine (Robinson)
Belinda Robinson Jones

Mrs. Ella Safford, Leadville, Colo.
Ella Banks Safford
? Amber York

Amy Banks, Leadville, Colo.
Amy Banks Sherman

Mollie L Shaw, Lowell Mass.
Mary / Mae / Mollie Shaw Campbell

Annie R Jones, Houlton, Maine
Ann Jones McKay

Melissa B Rhodes, Mars Hill, Me.
Melissa Wentworth Rhodes


Sarah S McCrea, Blaine Me.
Sarah Lindsay McCrea

Nellie Shaw, Lowell, Mass. Loring St.
Nellie Shaw Gray

Helen Kennedy, Presque Isle, Me.
Helen Gilman Kennedy

Maggie York B, Mars Hill, Maine Ladies Aid, Feb 23, 1897
Maggie Bridges York

Mabel E Lewin, Benton Car. Co. N.B./
Mabel Lewin

Mrs. Jane York, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 2 1897
Jane Irvine York

Mrs. Jennie Dilling, Mars Hill, Maine
Jennie McDougal Dilling


Mrs. James Gilman, Mars Hill, Me. LAS
Esther Harris Gilman

 Mrs. Lizzie York, Mars Hill, Maine, Ladies Aid  
Elizabeth Banks York

Ethel Banks, Mars Hill, Maine, LAS, Feb 23, 1897
Ethel Bridges Banks Clark Peavey

Ida E Cogswell, Centreville, N.B. March 19, 1897 WCTU
Ida Cogswell Laughlin

Mary E Ross, Bridgewater, Maine, Mar 19, 1897
Mary McGownan Ross

Anna Luce, Mars Hill, 74 years, Maine
Rispah Anna Walker Luce

Laura Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine
Laura Hunter Blanchard


Cora L Rhodes, LAS, Mars Hill, Maine
Cora Rhodes Monteith

Edith E Riley, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 17, 1987, Ladies Aid Society
Edith Riley Longstaff

Jessie Smart, Oakfield, Me.
Jessie Smart Richardson

Mrs. E S Fulton, Blaine Maine
Emma Turner Fulton

Isabella L Bricknell, West Glassville, Carleton co. N.B. LAS
Isabella Bricknell Walton

Mrs. Mary Banks, Mars Hill, Mar. 10, 1897
Mary Cogswell Bank

Mrs. J H Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine
Sarah Dustin Shaw


Ethel L Beckwith, #1 Rockdale Ave , Lowell, Mass.
Ethel Beckwith

Mrs. Ada  Davies, Leadville , Colo
Ada Banks Davies

Olivia A Snow, Mars Hill, Maine
Olivia Wallace Snow

Mrs. C C Sanford, Bridgewater, Maine
Elizabeth Ross Sanford

Mrs. C H Cox, Blaine, Me.
Hattie Lowell Cox

Mrs John L Bricknell , Mars Hill Maine, Aroostook County, LAS
Jesse Hume Bricknell

Susie Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine
Susan Wood Blanchard


Mrs. E H Tarr, Mars Hill Maine
Joanna Cookson Tarr

Mrs. R W Lowell Blaine, Me.
Sarah Jones Lowell

Tina M Blanchard. Mars Hill, Maine
Tina Blanchard Wilson

Maud Blanchard Mars Hill, Maine
Maud Blanchard

Annie Small Mars Hill, Maine
Annie L Robinson Small

Mrs. Robert Hunter Mars Hill, Me. Mar 16, 1897, WCTU, YBS
Mary Irvine Hunter

Sarah E. Hurd
Sarah Barden Hurd


Mrs. F E Clough Mars Hill, Maine
Francis Frost Clough

Mrs. Mame Lowell Blaine, Maine
Mary Mame Smith Lowell

Alice Reidiker Mars Hill Maine Mar 17 97, WCTU, YBS
Alice Hunter Reidiker

Miss Effie L Shaw Mars Hill, Maine
Effie Shaw Jones

S E  Safford Mars Hill, Maine
Sarah E Bridges Safford

Alwilda R Langley Mars Hill, Maine
Alwilda R Smith Langley

Augusta L Dudley Easton, Me.
Augusta Lucinda Demerchant Dudley


Lucy  Tompkins Blaine
Lucy McPherson Tompkins

Hattie Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine
Hattie Bridges Livingston

Mrs. J A Finnemore Mars Hill, Maine
Sophie Durepo Sayward Finnemore

Mrs. Albert White, Mars Hill, Maine
Mary Knowleton White

Dora Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine
Dora Tarr Bridges

Winnie E Luce, Mars Hill, Maine
Winnie Boyton Luce

H J Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine
Hannah J Wood Bridges




M A Gilman
Matilda A O’Connor Gilman

Maggie A York, Mars Hill, Maine
Maggie A. Bridges York

Mrs. Barbara Collins, Mars Hill, Me.
Barbara Rideout Collins

Miss Rose L Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine
Rose Lenora Shaw Shaw

Ruby Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine
Ruby Bridges Brown Dolloff

Information about Signature Quilts: http://www.quiltindex.org/signaturequiltproject.php

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1897 Quilt: Rose L Shaw

Rose L Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine

Rose Lenora Shaw was born July 2, 1878 in Mars Hill, Maine, daughter of James Harden Shaw and Sarah Dustin.

Rose Shaw married Jesse Franklin Shaw on 8 Nov. 1899. ( b. 18 Dec 1876, son of Elisha Shaw and Eunice Robinson)


Amy Marion Randall Shaw b. 17 Nov 1900 in Easton
Volney Shaw b. 30 May 1902
Percy Shaw b. 20 Sep 1904

1900 Census: Easton Maine
1910 Census:  Westfield, Maine
1920 Census: Easton, Maine
1930 Census: Easton, Maine.

Rose Shaw Shaw died on 17 Jan 1938 in Easton, Maine and is buried in Easton Maine.  Jesse remarried to Lillian Adams (widow of John Bean)  and was living in Presque Isle in 1940.

1897 Rose L Shaw

1897 Rose L Shaw

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1897 Quilt: Ruby Bridges / Ruby Brown / Ruby Dolloff

Ruby Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Ruby Bridges, born August 1879, daughter of Joshua Reuben Bridges and Hannah Wood.

Ruby married Albert Brown,  in 1898 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts.

Albert died in 1905 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. Ruby remarried  Albert Thurston Dolloff in 19 Apr 1911.

She died 15 Sep 1971 and is buried in Groveland, MA.

1897 Ruby Bridges

1897 Ruby Bridges

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1897 Quilt: Annie R Jones (later MacKay)

Annie R Jones, Houlton, Maine

Annie R Jones, b. May 1876, daughter of  Benjamin F Jones and Belinda Robinson b. Jan 1850.

1880, the family lived in Blaine Maine.

1900, Belinda was a widow living as head of household with daughters Annie R Jones and Edith P Jones, b. Feb 1884 in Houlton, Maine.  Belinda also was mother of Frank W Jones, husband of Lillian Jones.

On 1 September 1906, Annie married George W. MacKay in Lynn Massachusetts.  George was a dentist and the couple lived in Millinocket Maine with their son Robert G MacKay



1897 Annie Jones

1897 Annie Jones

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1897 Quilt: Maggie A York / Maggie A Bridges

Maggie A York, Mars Hill, Maine

Maggie A. Bridges , b.  Jan 1857

Married in 1880 to Robert Alonzo York (b. 8 Mar 1858), son of Arvardis York and Jane Irvine.

Mother of Ernest, Arthur, Henry, Amber, Walter York.

Maggie’s husband, Robert York died on 4 Mar 1919. Maggie died in 1934.

1897 Maggie A York

1897 Maggie A York

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1897 Quilt: Hattie Bridges / Harriett Bridges / Hattie Livingston

Hattie Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Hattie Bridges b. abt 1877 was the daughter of Joseph Reuben Bridges and Hannah J Wood.  Hattie married John S Livingston on 02 Feb 1900 in Peacham Vermont.  She had a son, Ralph Howard Livingston on 17 Feb 1902 (d. 1982) in Cabot Vermont.

1910 Cabot, VT
1920 Mars Hill Maine
1930 Presque Isle Maine
1940 Presque Isle Maine

John died in 1951 and is buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Presque Isle, Maine.

Hattie died ?

1897 Hattie Bridges

1897 Hattie Bridges

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1897 Quilt: Augusta L Dudley / Lucinda A DeMerchant

Augusta L Dudley Easton, Me. 

Augusta Lucinda DeMerchant Dudley

Augusta L.Dudley (Credit: Wayne Glidden)

Lucinda Augusta DeMerchant  b. Jan 1849 Blaine, Maine, daughter of  Charles Demerchant and Lucinda O’Rourke. Siblings: Martha, Mary, Hannah, Jane.
Charles DeMerchant/DeMarchant b. 1810-1811 and Lucinda ______ b. 1829 were both born in New Brunswick Canada.

Augusta married George Dudley  (b. 15 Sep 1847 ) in 1871.

She was the mother of  Frank Dudley, Nola Dudley, Charles Dudley, Nell Dudley b. 1893.

Nola died 1 Jun 1894 age 15, strychnine poisoning

1900 Census: Easton, Maine
1910 Census:  Easton, Maine
1920 Census: Easton, Maine
1930 Census: Easton, Maine, living with daughter Nell Dudley Grant and family.

George A Dudley d. 30 Oct 1920

Augusta Lucinda Dudley died on 25 March 1935 in Easton Maine. She is buried in Estes Park Cemetery, Easton Maine.

1897 Augusta Dudley

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1897 Quilt: Effie Laura Shaw / Effie Jones

Miss Effie L Shaw Mars Hill, Maine

Effie Laura Shaw, b. 20 Aug 1882 in Mars Hill, daughter of  James H Shaw and Sarah Dustin and sister to Rose Shaw

Effie married Daniel Jones on 17 Dec 1902, son of Moses Jones and Mary Jones. Daniel died in 1917.

Children: son Jones, b. 1904 d. 1904, Rita/Anita Jones b.13 Jan.  1906, Kenneth b. 23 Jun 1908

Widowed by the 1920 census. Living in Houlton Maine.

Effie died 1 Nov. 1967 and is buried with her husband and son Kenneth.



1897 Effie Shaw

1897 Effie Shaw

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1897 Quilt: Alwilda R Langley / Alwilda Smith

Alwilda R Langley Mars Hill, Maine

Alwilda Smith Langley, youngest daughter of William and Eleanor Jane Smith of Grand Lake Queens County New Brunswick, moved to Mars Hill in 1887 from Fort Fairfield with her husband John W Langley .


Ira C Langley b. 8 dec 1884 Fort Fairfield d. ?
Percy Berfield Langley b. 7 April 1888 Mars Hill d. 1967
Elwin Langley b. 1890 – d. 1975
Mabel Langley b. abt 1892 d. Sept 1899 of consumption

John W Langley died after 1920.

Update from BB, great granddaughter:

Alwilda died on September 30, 1897 from tuberculosis.  According to her granddaughter, Dorine  Langley Tucker, she contracted the disease from helping a neighboring family during their sickness.  Two years later, her daughter Mabel died from tuberculosis.  Her sons Ira, Berfield (PB) and Elwin all farmed on the West Ridge Road in Easton and Mars Hill.

Alwilda was born in Waterborough Parish, Cumberland Bay, Queens County, New Brunswick.  She married John Langley on October 15 1881.

“m. 15th Oct., by Rev. W.A. Corey, at residence of J. OLTS, Esq., Indiantown Hotel (St. John) John W. LANGLEY, Esq. / Alwilda E. SMITH youngest d/o William SMITH, Esq., all of Cumberland Bay (Queens Co.)”

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 56 Number 1689. October 18 1881 Saint John, Daily News

“Mrs. John Langley, we are sorry to report is very sick.  North Leader, Fort Fairfield, Maine, Sprague’s Mills Column, September 23, 1897.”

Findagrave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/192719124/alwilda-e-langley

1897 A Langley

1897 A Langley

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1897 Quilt: Mrs Jane York / Jane Irvine

Mrs. Jane York, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 2 1897

Jane Irvine  b. 8 March  1835 Ireland , daughter of Robert Irvine.

Married  Avardis York, Sr. in 1855.

Mother of:
John York, husband of Lizzie Banks York
Robert A York, husband of Maggie Bridges York.
David Avardis York

Jane d.  27 Apr 1912 in Mars Hill Maine and is buried in Kings Grove Cemetery.

1897Jane York

1897Jane York

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1897 Quilt: Maggie York B

Maggie York B, Mars Hill, Maine Ladies Aid, Feb 23, 1897

1897Maggie York B

1897Maggie York B

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1897 Quilt: Nellie Shaw / Nellie Gray

Nellie Shaw, Lowell, Mass. Loring St.

B. 1874 Houlton Maine. Daughter of Edward Wayman Shaw and Sarah Elizabeth McClintock

Sister to Mildred Shaw Beckwith and aunt of Ethel Beckwith.

Married to Jesse Gray, son of Daniel Gray and Jane Orser, in Lowell Mass. on July 20, 1898.

Children: Thelma, Clarence, Jesse, Nelllie.

Lived in Somerville, MA in 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940

Died in 1948. Buried in Peabody, Mass.

1897 Nellie Shaw

1897 Nellie Shaw

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1897 Quilt: Mollie / Mary / Mae L Shaw (Mary L Campbell)

Mollie L Shaw, Lowell Mass. 

Born  1870 in New Brunswick Canada to Edward W Shaw and Elizabeth  McClintock.

1900 census, May is living with her married sister Nellie Shaw Gray in Somerville, MA.

1900: Married to Charles Truman Campbell in 21 November 1900 in Somerville, MA

1910 and 1920: Somerville MA Census

1922: Charles died in 1922 and is buried  in Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Middlesex County (Middlesex), Massachusetts

1930: Mary is living as a widow with her sons Malcolm and Kenneth in Lexington MA


1958: Mollie- Mary Louise Shaw Campbell died 20 Jan 1958 Lower Merion, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA and is buried Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States of America in West Laurel Hill Cemetery .

Three sons:

Charles Wilbert Campbell 1901-1921
Malcolm K Campbell 1904 – 1974
Kenneth G Campbell 1906- 2000


1897 Mollie Shaw

1897 Mollie Shaw

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1897 Quilt : Amber / Amber York


Possibly Amber York, daughter of Robert York and Maggie A Bridges York. b. 1890.

1897 Amber

1897 Amber

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1897 Quilt: Mrs B A Jones / Belinda Robinson

Mrs. B A Jones, Houlton, Maine, Belinda A Jones

Belinda A Jones was born in January 1850 in Wilton Maine, the daughter of Elijha Robinson and Belinda Rowe.

Belinda A Jones, widow of Benjamin F Jones and mother of Annie Jones , Frank W Jones, Edith Jones and Harry Jones.

In 1900, she was living in Houlton Maine with daughters Annie and Edith. Annie was a school teacher.

In 1910, she was living in Lynn Massachusetts with Annie Jones, a teacher.

Belinda died 09 Oct 1910 in Bangor Maine and is buried in Houlton, Maine.
Findagrave record

Belinda Jones Page 4 of Mars Hill News,published in Blaine, Maine on Thursday, October 13th, 1910


1897 B A Jones

1897 B A Jones

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1897 Quilt: Mame Lowell, Mary Smith

Mrs. Mame Lowell, Blaine, Maine

Mary Smith Wife of Rufus Lowell of Blaine Maine? He was married to Mary Smith, b. 1865, mother of Hope Lowell  Van wert. Mary and Rufus moved to Chula Vista, San Diego, California, USA sometime between 1910 and 1920. Rufus died in 1948 and Mary in 1962.

1897Mame Lowell

1897Mame Lowell

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1897 Quilt: Lizzie York / Elizabeth York / Elizabeth Banks

Mrs. Lizzie York, Mars Hill, Maine, Ladies Aid

Mrs Lizzie York, Elizabeth York, formerly Elizabeth Banks.

Elizabeth Banks was born September 1864, the daughter of Thomas Banks and Mary Cogswell.  In 1886, she married John E York, son of Robert York and Jane Irvine.

Children of Lizzie (Elizabeth)  and John York are:

Pearle Isabel York b. 1888
Ella Safford York
Thomas R York
Frank A York

Lizzie S York died on 19 May 1904 in Mars Hill.

In the 1910 Census, John York is listed with a 2nd wife, Clementine and his 4 children.

In 1920, Thomas and Frank are living with sister Pearl and brother in law, Fred Cliff in Mars Hill.


1897 Lizzie York

1897 Lizzie York

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1897 Quilt: Ethel L Beckwith

Ethel L Beckwith, #1 Rockdale Ave , Lowell, Mass. 

Daughter of Andrew Beckwith and Mildred Shaw of Centreville, New Brunswick.

B. 1875 Centreville New Brunswick.

Siblings: George Wayman Beckwith, Bessie Beckwith, Rex S Beckwith



1897 Ethel Beckwith

1897 Ethel Beckwith

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1897 Quilt: Mrs J A Finnemore / Sophie Durepo Sayward

Mrs. J A Finnemore Mars Hill, Maine

Sophie Durepo Sayward Finnemore, b. April 1854, was first married to Perez / Percy Bradford Sayward of Limestone Maine.  They had 3 children: Dexter Joseph Sayward, Grover C Sayward and Sadie Nellie Sayward Lancaster.  

1880 Limestone, Aroostook, Maine. Sophia lived with her husband and first son.
1890 Sophia married J A Finnemore.
1900 Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.  Sophie was listed as wife of  Albert J  Finnamore. mother of 5, 3 living.
1910  Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln, Maine
1920 Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln, Maine
1940 Etna, Penobscot, Maine. widowed.

death ?

1897J A Finnemore

1897J A Finnemore

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1897 Quilt: Mrs R W Lowell / Ruel W Lowell / Sarah Lowell / Sarah Jones

Mrs. R W Lowell Blaine, Me.

Sarah Jones was the daughter of Daniel Jones and Catherine ?. She married Ruel William Lowell and had Ella, Rufus, Lucy, Elizabeth,  Hattie Lowell and Nettie and one more child.

On 26 April 1900, Sarah died of gastritis. Her husband Ruel died the next day of paralysis.

R W Lowell

R W Lowell

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1897 Quilt: Mrs C H Cox / Hattie Lowell

Mrs. C H Cox, Blaine, Me.

Hattie Lowell Cox was the daughter of Ruel Lowell and Sarah Jones. She was born in 1873 in Maine. 

She married Charles H Cox  and had Myra Cox, Alta Cox and Winnie Cox.

In 1900 she and Charles lived in Precinct 20, Lake, Colorado.

Hattie died before 1910. Charles remarried by 1910 to Sophie and was living with Myra and his new family in Dupont, Pierce, Washington.

1897 C H Cox

1897 Mrs C H Cox

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1897 Quilt: Mrs C C Sanford / Elizabeth C Ross

Mrs. C C Sanford, Bridgewater, Maine

Elizabeth C Ross b. 1862,  daughter of Joseph Ross and Catherine.

She married Charles C Sanford in 1890.

In 1895, they were living in Bridgewater. (Source: Beacon Press)

They had no children.

1900-1940 they lived in Bangor Maine.
1920 a niece Natalie Sanford Ross, age 3, lived with them. In 1930 Natalie is listed as a granddaughter but she is really a great niece- daughter of Forest Ross and Ada Morrill.

Charles and Elizabeth are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bangor, Maine.


1897 Mrs C C Sanford

1897 Mrs C C Sanford

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. John Bricknell / Jessie Bricknell / Jessie Hume

Mrs John L Bricknell , Mars Hill Maine, Aroostook County, LAS

Jessie Hume b. May 1854 in Dundee Scotland, daughter of Alexander Hume (1831-2 Jan 1909)  and Mather “Maddie” Kerr.
Siblings: Edith Hume [Herbert Whitman] ,  Elizabeth Hume [Peter Forbes] d. 1899, May Hume [wife of Matthew Smith] , Euphemia Hume d. 1876

Jessie Hume married John Bricknell (b. 1860 in Halifax NS-2 Oct 1912 in Mars Hill Maine) in 28 August 1890 in Woodstock, NB. John was the son of Andrew Bricknell and Ann.

Jessie and the parents moved to Canada and then immigrated in 1899 to the US.

Jessie was the sister in law to Isabella Bricknell, later Isabella Walton.

1900 & 1910  Census, Jessie and John were living in Mars Hill Maine.

John L Bricknell died in October 1912 and was buried in Williamstown NB.

1920 ?

1930 Census, Jessie Bricknell, a widow, was a resident of Mars Hill,  Maine.

Jessie died in October 1931 and is buried in Williamstown NB next to her husband.

1897Jessie Hume Bricknell

1897Jessie Hume Bricknell

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1897 Quilt: Mrs Barbara Collins / Barbara Rideout

Mrs. Barbara Collins, Mars Hill, Me.

Barbara Collins was born August 1851  in Peel New Brunswick, daughter of James Rideout and Matilda Rideout. She lived with her cousin Charles Rideout as a young girl.

Around 1876, she immigrated to the US and she married James A Collins.

Barbara Collins died on 19 Dec 1905 in Mars Hill, Maine, age 54. Cause of death: obstruction of bowels.

1897 Barbara  Collins

1897 Barbara Collins

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1897 Quilt: Helen Kennedy / Helen Gilman

Helen Kennedy, Presque Isle, Me.

Helen, b.Feb. 1874 , daughter of James Gilman and Esther Harris.

Married to Willard Kennedy on 28 Dec 1895.

In the 1910 Census Mars Hill, listed as mother of 4 children, 0 living.

In the 1920 Census Stockholm Maine, Willard and Helen have a daughter, Gladys Kennedy, aged 13 (b. 1907) as living with them. Adopted? Her birth records lists Everett Kennedy as the father.

1940, Gladys is listed in Hartford CT.

Helen Gilman Kennedy died 31 May 1928. Buried in Stockholm Maine.

1897 Helen Kennedy

1897 Helen Kennedy

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1897 Quilt: Mabel Eliza Lewin

Mabel E Lewin, Benton Car. Co. N.B.

Mabel  Eliza Lewin, daughter of Charles A Lewin and Mary Doucette, b.  20 October 1876-1970 and lived in the Benton Community, Carleton Co, New Brunswick.

Canada, Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918

In 1924, she is listed as a nurse.

Mabel died in 1970 and is buried in the Benton Community Cemetery in Carleton Co, New Brunswick.

1897 Mabel Eliza Lewin

1897 Mabel Eliza Lewin

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1897 Quilt: Anna Luce / Rispah Anna Luce / Walker

Anna Luce, Mars Hill, 74 years, Maine

Ann was born about Mar. 13, 1822 as Rispah Anna Walker in Embden, Maine / New Portland, Maine daughter of Joseph Walker and Lovina Albee.

She married James F Luce, b. North Anson, Maine. on 14 August 1844 in Embden, Maine.

Mother of Danforth A Luce,( b.  1848  d. 16 Jun 1864), Rosabelle Luce b. 1850. and Frank A. Luce (1853-1899)

Ann’s husband James Luce died in the Civil War in 1865.

James Luce Civil War

James Luce Civil War

1880 Census, Ann was living with son Frank Luce and daughter Melissa/Ulissa

Rispah Anna Luce died on 15 Nov 1911 in Anson, Maine.

1897 Ann Luce

1897 Ann Luce

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1897 Quilt: Mary E Ross / Mary McGownan

Mary E Ross, Bridgewater, Maine, Mar 19, 1897

Mary E McGownan  b Apr 1866 in Bath, New Brunswick

Immigration to the US in 1878

Wife of Freeman J Ross on Mar 19, 1887 . Freeman was born in Bradford, Maine in 1856.

Mother of :
Hattie M Ross b. 1889-1948 (Hattie Bean),
Charles Ross b. 3 Apr 1891-d. 1949
Jerome Ross b. 28 Aug 1895-1944

Mary and Freeman lived with Charles in Bangor in 1930.

Freeman Ross died in 1937.

In the 1940 census, Bangor, Maine- Mary Ross is listed as a widow living with Charles Ross.

Mary Ross died in 4 May 1948 and is buried with other family members in Maple Grove Cemetery in Bangor, Maine.

1897 Mary Ross

1897 Mary Ross

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1897 Quilt: Olivia A Snow / Olivia Wallace

Olivia A Snow, Mars Hill, Maine 

Olivia A Wallace, b. Feb 1865  Doaktown, New Brunswick

Immigrated to the Us in 1883.

Married to Seth L Snow (b. 1866- ) in 1891.

Children: Winter Snow b.4 Aug 1894, Goldie Snow b. 9 Jul 1898, Elbert Snow.

The family lived in Mars Hill Maine in 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. Seth was a merchant .

Olivia died  3 Feb 1933 and is buried in the Mars Hill Cemetery, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.
Findagrave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/74036761/alivia-snow

1897 Olivia Snow

1897 Olivia Snow

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1897 Quilt: Mrs J H Shaw / Sarah J Shaw / Mrs James Harden Shaw / Sarah Dustin

Mrs. J H Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine

Sarah Dustin b. July 1843 in Canada, daughter of —-?

Married to James Harden Shaw in 1869. James died in 1907.

Mother of  William Murray Shaw, Fanny Shaw, Asa Shaw, Elbridge Shaw, Harry Harden Shaw, Frank Harris Shaw, Rosie Shaw, Grover Shaw, Effie L Shaw.

Sarah died May 30, 1927 and is buried in Mars Hill Maine.

1897 Mrs J H Shaw / Sarah Shaw

1897 Mrs J H Shaw / Sarah Shaw

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1897 Quilt: Isabella Bricknell / Isabelle Walton

Isabella L Bricknell, West Glassville, Carleton Co. N.B. LAS

Isabella Bricknell, b. , daughter of  Andrew and Ann Bricknell of Glassville, New Brunswick. She was the sister of John Bricknell and sister in law of Jessie Hume Bricknell.

Married Harvey Walton on 13 July 1898, a Teacher.

Around 1900, she and the family moved from Canada moved to the US.

In the 1910, 1920  & 1930 Census, she and her family lived in Whitman, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Her mother, Annie Bricknell was also living with her in 1930.  In 1910, she lived nearby in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Children: Newman Walton, Burns Walton, Lewis Walton, Evan Walton, Donald B Walton.

Isabella died after the 1940 census.

1897 Isabella BricknellI

1897 Isabella Bricknell

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1897 Quilt: Emma Fulton / Emma Turner

Mrs. E S Fulton, Blaine Maine

Emma S Turner b. Aug 1862- in New Brunswick, daughter of Otis Turner and Elizabeth Haycock

Married to Dr. Aaron Jones Fulton on 29 Sep 1883

Children: Ellwyn Mortimer Fulton b 10 Jun 1885-10 Jun 1885  and Anita Fulton b.31 Jan 1892 -14 Nov 1908

Emma died 25 Mar 1925. [Obituary]

1897 Emma S Turner Fulton

1897 Emma S Turner Fulton

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1897 Quilt: S E Safford / Sarah E Safford / Sarah E Bridges

S E  Safford Mars Hill, Maine

Sarah E Bridges , b. April 1865  , daughter of Reuben Bridges and Hannah/Johanna Wood.

Married Howard W. Safford in 1882.

Mother of Iva Safford b.21 Sep 1882 Mars Hill, Maine. Iva married John Hollis McCready 6 Aug 1906.

Howard W Safford died 25 Jul 1917 in Mars Hill, Maine.

Sarah Safford died _________.

1897 S E Safford

1897 S E Safford

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1897 Quilt: Mrs F E Clough / Francis Clough / Francis Frost

Mrs. F E Clough Mars Hill, Maine

Francis Frost, b. August 1854-1856 in Mariaville, Hancock, Maine?  , daughter of David (1821-6 Jan 1895) and Susan Frost (1820 – 23 Dec 1906) .

In 1880, Francis’ parents David and Susan and family lived in Mars Hill, Maine.

Married John Clough in 1873.  They had no children.

Francis died ? in ?

1897 F E Clough

1897 F E Clough

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1897 Quilt: Sarah E. Hurd / Sarah Barden

Sarah E. Hurd

Sarah E Barden  b. Apr 1847., daughter of Elijah Barden  & Margaret/Mary Ann  ___  in Carmel Penobscot, Maine.

Married to Jethro Hurd ( 1843-)before 1870 and lived in Carmel Maine.. Jethro was a veteran of the US  Civil War and according to the 1890 Veterans Census, he was had a gunshot wound on his right side.

4 Children, 1 living. (1900 census)

Jethro Hurd d. 14 Nov 1909 in Mars Hill, Maine.

Sarah Hurd d. 1910.

1897 Sarah E Hurd

1897 Sarah E Hurd

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1897 Quilt: Annie Small / Annie Robinson

Annie Small, Mars Hill, Maine

Annie Louise Robinson, daughter of Elijah Robinson and Belinda Rowe. Sister to Belinda Robinson Jones. 

Married to Elisha E Smith in 1884. Mother of Louise Abigail Smith, b Oct 1884.

E E Smith- ???

Annie died 27 Oct 1900 and is buried in Mount Shiloh Cemetery in Easton Maine.

Louise lived in Houlton Maine in the early 1900s and visited family in Robinson and Blaine.

Abigail Louise Small / Smalle  married Archibald John Robinson in 1910. She died in Bangor in 1960.

1897 Annie Small

1897 Annie Small

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1897 Quilt: Mrs E H Tarr, Edward Tarr, Anna Cookson

Mrs. E H Tarr, Mars Hill Maine

Joanna Cookson Tarr

Mrs. Edward H Tarr, Johanna “Anna” Cookson, was born  on Dec 1846  in Etna Maine. She was the daughter of Abram Cookson and Sybil Witheum. Her sister, Lydia was the mother of Fred Blackden.

Anna Cookson married Edward Tarr on _________ and was the mother  of Dora Tarr Bridges and Percy F Tarr.

Anna Cookson Tarr died on 28 Sep 1899 in Mars Hill, Maine.

1897E H Tarr

1897E H Tarr

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1897 Quilt: Alice Reidiker / Alice Hunter

Alice Reidiker Mars Hill Maine Mar 17 97, WCTU, YBS

Alice Hunter , daughter of Robert Hunter and Mary Irvine, b. Knoxford, NB

Married 02 May 1894 in Blaine, Maine  to Rufus Reidiker b. 1872-1940+, son of John Rediker and Rebecca Webb.

Children: Mother of male b. 15 Apr 1893-9 Jul 1893 of inflammation of the bowels,  Armond b. 8 Mar 1898 – d. 23 Mar 1907 of acute hepatitis

Rufus d. Jan 1941

Alice died on 2 Dec 1969 in Presque Isle, Maine.

1897 Alice Rediker

1897 Alice Reidiker, Rediker

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1897 Quilt: H J Bridges / Hannah J Bridges / Hannah Wood

H J Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Hannah J Wood,  b. April 1847

Wife of Reuben Bridges (?-d. 14 Aug 1913). In the 1870 Census, her name is listed as Johannah.

Mother of Althea Bridges,  Ada, Sarah, Melissa Ethel, Elias, Holland (husband of Dora Tarr) , Harriett, Gennet, Mabel, Reuben, Ruby.

Hannah died 31 Oct 1933 in Pierce Cemetery in Mars Hill Maine.

1897 H J Bridges

1897 H J Bridges

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. Albert White / Mary White /Mary Knowleton

Mrs. Albert White, Mars Hill, Maine

Mary Knowleton b  June 1836 in Canada, daughter of Sylvanus Knowleton and Mary Duff, both born in Nova Scotia.

Mary married Albert White before 1870.

children: Mary, Effie, Elvie, Fanny, Sidney, Jessie, Turney

Mary died 30 Sep 1910

1897 Mrs Albert White

1897 Mrs Albert White

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1897 Quilt: M A Gilman /Matilda Gilman / Matilda O’Connor

M A Gilman

Matilda A O’Connor was born about 1844 in New Brunswick, daughter of Charles OConnor and Lavina.

She married Zebulon Gilman in 1866, son of James Gilman and Mary Wade.

She lived in Blaine Maine and had the following children: Fred, Frank, Charles, Allan, Harry, LeRoy,  By 1900, she had 9 children, 7 living.

Zebulon Gilman died on 25 Feb 1916 in Blaine Maine. Matilda died in 1929 and is buried in Blaine, Maine in the Sanborn Cemetery.  [findagrave.com)

1897 M A Gilman

1897 M A Gilman

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1897 Quilt: Ethel Banks / Ethel Bridges / Ethel Clark

Ethel Banks, Mars Hill, Maine, LAS, Feb 23, 1897

Ethel  Bridges   b. Dec 1866 , daughter of Reuben Bridges and Hannah Wood .

also known as Melissa Ethel Bridges

Married  James L Banks in 1884

  • Mother of Charles Elwood Banks b. 20 Nov 1897  and a stillborn b. 4 Sep 1903

Married to Perley Garfield Clark (b. 9 Sep 1882)  on 26 Apr 1905

  • Mother to Troy Reuben Clark, b 19 May 1906. Mars Hill, Maine  (died 19 Feb 1983 in California)

Divorced before 1915 (1917 WWI registration)

Ethel B Peavey d. 8 Apr 1950 in San Diego Co, California. Father: Bridges, Mother: Wood
4th wife of Newell J Peavey. Married 30 Jul 1935.

1897 Ethel Banks

1897 Ethel Banks

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1897 Quilt: Sarah McCrea / Sarah Lindsay

Sarah S McCrea, Blaine Me. 

*Sarah S (Lindsay) McCrea. born in New Brunswick dec 1857, daughter of Thomas Lindsay and Margaret Corbett.

wife of Dr. Robert McCrea [ b 1850-9 May 1914] in 1878.

Austin Flint McCrea (1885-1954)
Anna Lee McCrea (1887-24 Sept. 1915)
Thomas Mont McCrea (1889-1959).

1891 in New Brunswick Canada.
1894 to the US from Lakeville, NB.

1900 Blaine Maine
1910 Blaine Maine
Dr McCrea died in 1914 and her daughter Anna died in 1915.
1920 Blaine Maine

Sarah died May 28, 1929. Robert and Sarah are buried in Blaine Maine in the Sanborn Cemetery.


1897 Sarah McCrea

1897 Sarah McCrea

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1897 Quilt: Laura Blanchard / Laura Hunter

Laura Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine

Laura Hunter b. 3 Nov 1877  in Knoxford, New Brunswick. daughter of  Robert Hunter and Mary Irvine.

Laura married Fred Blanchard, son of  P T Blanchard and Susan Wood Blanchard on 23 Jan 1896


Grace b. 1896
Percival Thomas Blanchard b. 1898-1973
Robert H Blanchard b. 1903
Dorothy Blanchard b 27 Feb 1905

J Fred b. 5 May 1907-15 June 1908

Susan Blanchard b. 16 Dec 1910
female b. 26 Sep 1912
Opal Rowene Blanchard b 11 Mar 1915
Russell Philip Blanchard b 13 Mar 1918

Laura Blanchard died Feb 1965 in Maine.

1897 Laura Blanchard

1897 Laura Blanchard

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1897 Quilt: Ida Cogswell / Ida Laughlin

Ida E Cogswell, Centreville, N.B. March 19, 1897 WCTU

*Ida Ethelyn Cogswell b. 1868-29 Mar 1870.  Centreville, daughter of William Cogswell and Elizabeth Crabb.

1871, 1881, 1891 Wicklow, New Brunswick.
1901 Wicklow, New Brunswick with father William and stepmother, Marilda Britton Sharp Cogswell.

1905- Ida married Vernon Laughlin in Colorado, a dentist.
Children: Edgar Laughlin [David E Laughlin] b. 1906 in Idaho, Vernon Laughlin b. 6 Jan 1908 in Colorado, Ruth Laughlin b. 23 Nov 1913 in Colorado.

Vernon W Laughlin died in 1939 and is buried in Colorado Springs, Co.

1940: Ida lived in El Paso, Colorado with daughter Ruth Peters and son in law.
1940, son Vernon Laughlin and family: Genell, Marsha, Vernon E lived in Denver Co.

Ida Ethelyn Laughlin d. 13 Jul 1953 Ventura California and is buried in Colorado.
son Vernon Walter Laughlin died 25 Apr 1953 in California
daughter Ruth Laughlin Peters died 8 Jun 1997 in California

1897 Ida Cogswell

1897 Ida Cogswell

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1897 Quilt: Amy Banks / Amy Sherman

Amy Banks, Leadville, Colo.

Amy Banks, b. 17 Feb 1876 in Maine, daughter of Thomas Banks and Mary Cogswell.  Lived in Allen, Mesa, Colorado in 1900 with cousin Frank Cogswell.

Amy married Edwin A Sherman. Children: Allen B. Sherman [ d. 5 May 1982, Santa Cruz, CA], Mary A Sherman [later Mary Adeline Stone, d. 22 Jul 1995].

1910: lived in Grand Junction Ward 3, Mesa, Colorado
1920: lived in Tacoma Ward 7, Pierce, Washington
1930: Oakland, Alameda, California
1940: Oakland, Alameda, Califoria

Amy Sherman died on 9 Oct 1957 in Santa Cruz California.
Findagrave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/223091182/amy-sherman

1897 Amy Banks

1897 Amy Banks

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1897 Quilt: Mary Banks / Mary Cogswell

Mrs. Mary Banks, Mars Hill, Mar. 10, 1897

Mary Cogswell Banks– wife of Thomas H Banks,  mother of  Oliver Banks, Ella Banks Safford and Elizabeth Lizzie Banks York, mother in law of Maggie York Banks.   The son, Oliver Banks  died on 9 Nov 1899 of typhoid fever. Oliver was married to Maggie.

Mary’s husband, Thomas  died in Bangor on 5 March 1908 and in 1910 and 1920 lived with her son Aldelbert Banks as a widow.

1897 Mary Banks

1897 Mary Banks


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1897 Quilt: Jessie Smart / Jessie Richardson

Jessie Smart, Oakfield, Me. 

Jessie A Smart, b. Dec . 1875 in Limestone Maine, daughter of Albert Smart and Mary Durepo/Durepos/Durpeau. Siblings: Lucy Smart, John B Smart (photographer in Presques Isle), Lizzie Smart, Angie, Mary, Flora, Maggie, & Joseph Dexter Smart, b. 5 Mar 1882 in Limestone, Maine.

On 21 Jun 1898, Jessie Amelia Smart married Thomas Percival Richardson in Houlton, Maine.

Jessie is the mother of Mary Richardson, b. 4 Aug 1900 Oakfield, Maine & Male , b. 3 Nov 1903, Dorothy b.  26 Dec 1906 Oakfield, Maine.

1900 Census- Oakfield, Aroostook, Maine
1910 Census ?
1920 Census?
1930 Census- Caribou, Aroostook, Maine
1940 Census- Caribou, Aroostook, Maine

Jessie died 11 Jan 1953 in Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada.

1897 jessie smart

1897 jessie smart

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1897 Quilt: Edith Riley / Edith Longstaff

Edith E Riley, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 17, 1987, Ladies Aid Society

Edith E Riley b. 25 Mar 1867  in Canada. Daughter of James B Riley and Susan Roans.

She immigrated to the US in 1892.

Edith married Harry W Longstaff on 2 December 1903.

She died in Mars Hill Maine on On 2 Nov 1921.

1897 Edith Riley

1897 Edith Riley

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1897 Quilt: Lucy Tompkins / Lucy McPherson

Lucy Tompkins, Blaine

Lucy Tompkins, b. August 1860 as Lucy McPherson.

Married in 1885 to Fred Tompkins.

Mother to adopted daughter, Alma Tompkins. Alma married James R Hewett.

Lucy died 07 Feb 1937 in Robinson / Blaine Maine and is buried in Sanborn Cemetery.


1897 Lucy Tompkins

1897 Lucy Tompkins

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1897 Quilt: Winnie Luce / Winnifred Winnie Boynton

Winnie E Luce, Mars Hill, Maine

Winnie Luce, born Winnifred, daughter of Warren L Boynton and Emeline Rollins.

Widow Winnie Luce married Frank A Luce (b. 1843, in New Portland, Maine), son of James Luce and Rispah Walker on 4 Mar 1893. This was her 2nd marriage.

Children: Leslie Luce b. 6 Mar 1894 and Laura Luce.

Frank Luce died on 5 Nov 1899 in Mars Hill.  Buried in Sprague Mills (Easton, Maine)

Winnie later married Robert J Kincaid in 29 Nov 1900 and had Ruth Kincaid.

1897 Winnie Luce

1897 Winnie Luce

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. James Gilman / Esther Gilman / Esther Harris

Mrs. James Gilman, Mars Hill, Me. LAS

Esther Harris Gilman b. 1839-1840 in New Brunswick Canada.

Married James Gilman, son of James Gilman. b. 1837-d. 1913

Children: Bertram Gilman, May Gilman, Helen Gilman.

Esther died in 1906.

1897 Mrs James Gilman

1897 Mrs James Gilman

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. Jennie Dilling / Jennie McDougal

Mrs. Jennie Dilling, Mars Hill, Maine

Jennie Dilling was born as Jennie R McDougal, daughter of John McDougal and Mary Hoydan.

She married Frank Dilling, also known as Ambrose Frank Dilling, son of John Dilling and Mary White of Easton, on 27 Aug 1892 in Presque Isle, Maine.

She was the mother of Lilie E Dilling (1890-1890) Glenwood Dilling (b. 18 July 1893), Annie Dilling (1895-1896) and Margaret Beulah Dilling (b. 1 Apr 1898-d. May 1966) and Ira Dilling.

Jennie died 3 Aug 1904 and is buried in Easton Maine.

1897 Jennie Dilling

1897 Jennie Dilling

Death of Jennie Dilling

Death of Jennie Dilling

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. Ada Davies / Ada Banks

Mrs. Ada  Davies, Leadville , Colo.

Ada Banks Davies was the daughter of Thomas Banks and Mary Cogswell.

She married Charles Davies. Her sister was Ella Banks Safford. [Ada’s son Frank W. Davies lived with his aunt Ella in Oakland, California in 1940.]


Findagrave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/148100562/ada-b.-davies 

1897 Ada Davies

1897 Ada Davies

1900 Census Leadville, Colorado: Ada Banks Davies and family. Sister Ella Banks Safford also listed.
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1897 Quilt: Mrs. Ella Safford / Ella Banks

Mrs. Ella Safford, Leadville, Colo.

Mrs. Ella Safford, formerly Ella Banks, was born 15 Dec 1862, daughter of  Thomas Banks and Mary Cogswell.

She married John L Safford in 1884.

In 1900, Ella, John and daughter Elva Safford (b. 16 Aug 1890) were living in Leadville, Colorado.

In 1910, Ella and family lived in Denver Colorado. Elva later married Walter Thomas.

In 1920, Ella and family lived in Denver Colorado, joined by niece Laura V Banks (b.22 Aug 1897), daughter of Oliver Banks and Maggie York.

In 1930, Ella, John Safford and Elva Safford Thomas were living in Oakland, Alameda County, California.

In 1940, Ella was living in Alameda, California. Ella died 22 Feb 1953 in California.

1897 Ella Safford

1897 Ella Safford

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1897 Quilt: Mrs. Robert Hunter / Mary Hunter / Mary Irvine

Mrs. Robert Hunter Mars Hill, Me. Mar 16, 1897, WCTU, YBS

Mrs  Robert Hunter= Mary Hunter, formerly Mary Irvine, was born in Ireland, daughter of Robert Irvine and Mary Ellis. She and her husband, Robert Hunter lived in Knoxford, Carleton County, New Brunswick. According to the 1900 census for Mars Hill, they moved to the USA in 1892.  Mary died in Mars Hill, 25 Apr 1903. Robert died in Mars Hill on 7 Mar 1906. Their daughter, Laura Hunter, married Frederick Blanchard, son of Susan Wood Blanchard and Percival Blanchard.

1891Census Wicklow Hunter

1891Census Wicklow – Robert and Mary Hunter family

1897 Mrs R Hunter

1897 Mrs R Hunter




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1897 Quilt: Maud M Blanchard

Maud M Blanchard, daughter of Susan Wood and Percival Thomas Blanchard, b September 1869; died 19 Feb. 1902.

Source: Census.

1897 Maud Blanchard

1897 Maud Blanchard

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1897 Quilt : Susie Blanchard / Susan Blanchard / Susan Wood / Susan Nadeau

Susie Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine

Susan Blanchard, wife of Percival T Blanchard. Mother of Tina Blanchard, Maud Blanchard, Rose Blanchard, Susan Blanchard, Frederick Blanchard (twin of Tina) , and Elbert Blanchard. Susan Wood Blanchard was born 1845 and died 1928.

Percival Blanchard was the son of Robert Blanchard and Hannah Stevens. Susan Wood was the daughter of Samuel Wood and Sarah H. Smith. Perival died 11 Feb. 1895.

Daughter Susan Blanchard, born on 18 Jul 1872 in Mars Hill was married to Benno Nadeau on 26 Apr 1899. In 1920 & 1930, Susan and Benno lived in Boston. In 1940, Benno and Susan lived in Falmouth, Massachusetts.



1900 Census Mars Hill Blanchard

1900 Census Mars Hill Blanchard

1897 Susie Blanchard

1897 Susie Blanchard

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1897 Quilt: Tina M Blanchard / Tina Wilson

Tina M Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine

Tina Blanchard, daughter of Susan Wood and Percival Thomas Blanchard, b 1875.

She married Guy J D Wilson on 18 Feb 1903 in Mars Hill. She was a teacher and he a druggist.

Guy J Wilson was the son of Samuel Wilson and Margaret Gastley. Tina died 3 April 1912 of Diabetes. Guy later married Etta Stewart on 18 Nov 1914. Guy died between 1920 and 1930.

Children: Henry Wilson b. 1903, Clifford Wilson b. 1906, Jefferson Wilson b. 1908

Source: Marriage certificate and census, death certificate.

1897 Tina Blanchard

1897 Tina Blanchard

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1897 Quilt: Melissa B Rhodes

1897 Quilt Melissa Rhodes

1897 Quilt Melissa Rhodes

Melissa B Rhodes, wife of George Rhodes. b. August 1840. mother of Cora B. Rhodes. Melissa was born in Belfast Maine, Melissa Wentworth. She married George around 1873 and was living in Blaine Maine in 1900, 1910 and 1920. Her husband, George, was a Civil War Veteran, born 19 Jul 1842 in Northport, Maine and died on 9 Dec 1917 in Blaine Maine. He was the son of Orris Rhodes and Annie Worth.

Melissa died 23 April 1925 and is buried in Mars Hill, Maine.

Sources: Census, 1900, 1910, 1920. Death Certificate- George Rhodes.

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1897 Quilt: Cora L Rhodes (Cora Monteith)

Cora Lillian Rhodes, daughter of George Rhodes and Melissa Wentworth, born Feb. 1874.  She was a teacher prior to marriage. Cora married David Simon Monteith on 6 March 1901, Blaine, Maine.

Mother of:

Ida Lillian Monteith
Amy Catherine Monteith
Eda Juanita Monteith
Herman Wentworth Monteith
John Samuel Monteith

Cora died 15 Nov 1948 and is buried in Mars Hill Maine.

Obituary : Cora Rhodes Monteith

Obituary : Cora Rhodes Monteith

Cora Rhodes Moneith

Cora Rhodes Moneith

Cora L Rhodes

1897 Quilt: Cora L Rhodes

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1897 Quilt: Dora Bridges / Dora Tarr

Dora Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Dora Bridges, wife of Holland J Bridges . Dora Tarr was born in Etna Maine around 1875, the daughter of Edward H Tarr and Anna W. Cookson. She was the sister in law to Sarah Safford and the mother to Howard O Bridges, Beatrice Ruby Bridges [b. 17 Apr 1896].

Dora died between 1920 and 1926.

Sources: 1880 Census, Carmel, Maine; Marriage record for Percy Tarr, 1900 Census, Mars Hill Maine; Birth record for Ruby B Bridges.

1897 Quilt: Dora Bridge, Dora Banks

1897 Quilt: Dora Bridge, Dora Banks

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Jones and Fulton Connections

Note the following sibling marriages:

Martha Jones married Robert M Fulton
Aaron Jones married Margaret Fulton

Eliphalet Jones married Jane Fulton, daughter of Thomas Fulton (brother to Martha and Aaron)
Robert F Jones married Henriette Fulton, another daughter of Thomas Fulton (brother to Martha and Aaron)

Cumfort Jones- daughter of Frederick Jones- married James Edward Fulton, son of Thomas Fulton

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Photo: Anita Jennie Fulton

Anita Jennie Fulton, daughter of Dr. Aaron Fulton. Born 31 Jan 1892 in Blaine, Maine. Died 14 Nov 1908 , 16 years of age.

Photo found online from a seller in St. Louis MO: http://www.familywesearch.com/Photos.aspx

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Photo: 1895 Diary


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Photo: Helena Belle Nutter Smith (11 Oct 1883-21 Jun 1958)

Funeral services were held June 23 [1958] at Pierce Bros. Mortuary, Los Angeles, for Helena Nutter Smith.
She was the daughter of Adelbert and Rose Nutter and was born in Mars Hill, Oct. 11, 1883. She was a graduate of Dexter High and of Bates College 1906. She taught in High Schools in Hyannis and Springfield, Mass.  In 1920 she went to California, first to Yucaipa, then Los Angeles.
Marion Weymouth Gordon, a cousin, was her only relative in Los Angeles.  There are two cousins in Dexter: Bertha Strout Littlefield and Mabel Strout Richards; and a cousin, Dorothy Dennen, of Sharon, Mass.

[Her baby brother, Forrest B Nutter died 2 November 1886 from a scalding accident in late October 1886 as noted in the diary. Lena married Eugene B Smith ]

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Obituary: Emma Turner Fulton

Mrs. Emma S. Fulton (Aug 1862-25 March 1925)

Mrs. Emma S. Fulton, wife of former Senator Dr. A. J. Fulton. passed away Wednesday just after 1 o’clock, March 25, following a  lingering illness of several months, at her home in Blaine, during which  time the best medical assistance in the state was summoned in consultation with local  physicians, but to no avail. Services took place at the home Friday afternoon at 3:30. Rev. Albert J. Parkins, pastor  or the  local church at which the deceased was a mem­ber, officiating. Mrs. Fulton, who was 68 years of age, was born in Bridgewater,    the daughter    of Otis    and Elizabeth    Haycock    Turner.  Her father,  until   he  became   crippled, was    a prominent    and    influential lumberman and farmer in  that sec­tion.     Mrs.    Fulton’s    girlhood was spent in her  home town,  attending Houlton  Academy,  which  later  be­came Ricker Classical Institute, fol­lowing which time she was a teach­er in the   public schools   until  she became the  wife  of  Dr.  A. J.  Ful­ton, who was then a practicing phy­sician in   Bridgewater,    where they remained for three or four years be­fore coming to Blaine.     Mrs. Fulton was a woman of very keen intellect and soon became prominent in the community.    A woman  of  excellent  judgment, her opinions were readily sought  on   various  questions  of importance.     She  was a Past Noble Grand   of  Alva  Rebekah   Lodge,    a Past Grand   Matron    of    Friendship Chapter  of  the Eastern  Star, and  a devoted  member of  both orders.  At the time of her death she was sec­retary  of the local chapter,   which office she had held tor the past four­teen  years.    She was also  president of the Ladles’ Aid of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the time of her death.   She was an efficient member of   the.  Mars   Hill   and   Blaine   Wo­men’s Club and  of the Women’s Re­publican Club,    in all of which  or­ganizations  she   was   ever  an  ardent worker.    She will be greatly missed in the community   of which she has been a part for the past 35 years.

Two children were born to Dr. and Mrs. Fulton, Elwyn M., who is a prominent druggist in Mars Hill. and & daughter  Anita, who died 15 years ago. She has two surviving brothers, Jeremiah Turner of South Hancock, who is well advanced in years, and James Turner of Richmond. Two other brothers, Otis and John, who resided in the West, died recently; and one sister surviving, Mrs. Thomas Buckley of Bridgewa­ter. Mrs. Fulton was the youngest of those living.

Funeral services were held for the late Mrs. Emma S. Fulton, wife of former Senator, Dr. A. J. Fulton of Maine at 3.30 o’clock Friday afternoon. The day was beautiful and the house was filled with the numerous friends, many of whom were unable to get into the house and stood on the veranda. Rev. Albert L. Perkins officiated, assisted by Rev. G. L. Pressey of Ft. Fairfield, the former pastor of the local Methodist Church, and Rev. P. C. Clark of the United Baptist Church. Mrs. Floyd McIntyre beautifully rendered “No Burdens Yonder”, accompanied by Mr. McIntyre at the piano. Following the service of the church, the Burial Service of the Order of the Eastern Star was carried out in a very impressive manner by officers and members of Friendship Chapter, of which the deceased was a charter member. The profusion of beautiful flowers were silent tributes of the innumerable friends of the deceased. Among the set pieces were tributes from Alva Rebekah Lodge, Friendship Chapter O. E. S., W. C. T. U. , the Methodist Church and Ladies’Aid and many others.

The pall bearers were Ivan Boobar and C. A. Small from the church and W. E. Robinson and Nelson Dority representing the Star. Funeral arrangements were in charge of W. S. Redman of the R. W. Wight Co., and interment was made at the Blaine Cemetery. All the stores and business places in the two towns closed during the services, out of respect for one long prominent in connection with affairs of the town. Among the out of town people in attendance at the services were Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Pressey of Ft. Fairfield, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buckley of Bridgewater and many from Robinson.

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Obituary: Mary Ann York Fulton


The funeral of Mrs. James W. Fulton of Blaine, was held on Sunday, Dec. 10, 1911, at the residence of Mr. B.L. Tapley, her son-in-law, with whom she had made her home for the past ten years.

Interment was at the Mare Hill cemetery. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Benj. Beatty who spoke words of comfort and cheer to a very large circle of sorrowing relatives and friends. Appropriate music was furnished by a choir consisting of Mr. And Mrs. E.L. Lowell, Miss Susie  Bubar and Mr. E.M. Fulton.

She passed away Friday, Dec. 8th, after an illness extending over a period of more than two years, during which time she bore her suffering with great fortitude and patience, no word of complaint ever being heard. She was tenderly cared for during her long illness by her husband and her daughter, Mrs. B.L. Tapley, and everything that loving hearts could suggest and willing hands could perform was done to smooth her pathway down to the close of life.

Deceased was the oldest daughter of Richmond P. and Susan York and was born at Wakefield, N.B., Nov. 24,1827, hence she was 84 years and 14 days old at the time of her death. At 22 years of age she married Mr. James B. Shaw and with her husband removed to Mars Hill in the early settlement of that town. After the death of her first husband she married James W. Fulton and continued to reside at Mars Hill, until coming to this town about 10 years ago.

During her early married life at Mars Hill she experienced many of the hardships and privation incident to pioneer life in a new country all of which she met cheerfully and uncomplainingly. She was a woman of strong domestic tastes, quiet and unassuming In manner, caring little for the demands of society, her home being her world in which she was ever ready and willing to labor and sacrafice for the good of her family, in sickness or trouble she was always ready to lend a helping hand and many of her neighbors and friends remember with gratitude her kindly ministrations and cheering words. No night was to dark nor no storm to severe to hinder her from going to the relief of those who needed help, when neighbors were few and far between and the services of a physician difficult to obtain.

The very large number which assembled at the funeral and followed her remains to the last resting place attested to the high respect in which she held in the community. It can well be said of her that a good woman has gone to her reward, and while the community and the family are the poorer for her passing yet she has left behind her the rich example and influence of a true Christian life and character.

Deceased is survived by four sisters, Mrs. Lydia Buchanan of Centreville, N.B., Mrs. Serena Baker of Victoria Comer, N.B., Mrs. Susan Edwards of Woodstock, N.B. and Mrs. John Margeson of Michigan. She also leaves to mourn their loss a husband and three children, Mr. Elisha E. Shaw of Bridgwater, Mr. Stinson P. Shaw of Mars Hill and Mrs. B.L. Tapley of Blaine. – A J.F.

This memorial for Mary A. Fulton (York) was written by Dr. Aaron Jones Fulton, Mary’s brother-in-law. Dr. Fulton was 60  yrs old at the time and vary active with­in the communities of Blaine and Mars Hill.

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Obituary: Mrs. Dorothy A. Bell

MRS.  DOROTHY  A.   BELL (23 Jul 1859-30 Jul 1938)

In the passing of Mrs. Dorothy Bell on Saturday, Mars Hill lost one of Its older much beloved and respected women. Mrs. Bell, the widow of R. L. Bell, who predeceased her by eight years, died at the home of her son Roy Bell on the homestead where she came sixty years ago on her marriage.

She was born in Greenfield. K. B. seventy-nine years ago, the daughter of Robert and Martha Fulton, com­ing to Mars Hill when nine years of age. Mrs. Bell was active in church and social affairs a member of the United Baptist church, the Mars Hill and Blaine Women’s Christian Tem­perance Union and the Alva Rebekah Lodge of Blaine.

She is survived, by six children, Roy Bell. J. U. Bell and Clarence Bell of Mars Hill. Raymond Bell of Bridgewater. Mrs. Alda Hawkins of Centerville. N. B. and Mrs. Phoebe Pettinger of Duluth. Minn.

Also two brothers and a sister. Dr. A. J. Fulton of Blaine, Hardin Fulton and Mrs. Fred Blackden of Mars Hill, as well as a number of grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were on Monday afternoon at he United Baptist church with the Rev. H. J. Murchie officiat­ing. Vocal numbers were given by Miss Dorothy Shaw and Murray Shaw with Mrs. E. L. Lowell accom­panying.

The bearers were six grandsons: Allen, Austin. Kenneth. Alfred and Clinton Bell and Arthur Hawkins.

The flowers were many and beau­tiful.

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Obituary: Leonard H. Fulton

Leonard H. Fulton (23 May 1857-13 June 1946)

In the death of Leonard Harding Fulton, 89, who died at the home of his only daughter, Mrs. Vera Garrison on Silver St., June 13, removed the oldest settler of Mars Hill.

Born in Greenfield. N. B. in 1857, son of Robert and Martha Fulton, Harding came to Mars Hill with his parents when ten years of age. They settled on the old homestead farm adjoining the farm Harding cleared later of virgin maple trees, and where he lived until a few years ago when he sold the farm to his two sons, Ray and Fay. He was next to the last living of a family of 12 children, a sister, Mrs. Stella Blackden, Gray Maine being the last remaining one of the fam­ily.

Mr. Fulton married Annie Bartley of Centreville, NB., and to this union five sons and one daughter were born, the eldest son, Forest, dying at the age of six years. Mrs. Fulton died 14 years ago.

Surviving are a sister, Stella Blackden, the last of a family of 12; an only daughter, Mrs. Vera Garrison, four sons, Beecher, Leo, Fay and Ray; 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, June 16th at the United Baptist church, Rev. Earl W Beal, pastor, officiating, assist­ed by a male quartet. Robert Shaw, Murray Shaw, Jr., Clarence Keegan and Luther Bubar, with Mrs. Luther Bubar at the piano.

Bearers were Lee Shaw. Russell Paget, Amos Sennett, John and Charles Boyd and Ford Graham. Burial was in King’s Grove ceme­tery.

The large floral offering was in charge of Ola Kearney, Louise Smith, Madeline Keegan and Jan­et McCrum.

[Name variation: Harden Fulton]

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Photo: Maggie Jones

Maggie E Jones

Maggie E Jones- daughter of Robert F Jones and Henriette Fulton. Born 1866 in Carleton County New Brunswick. Died 05 Jul 1882. Buried Knoxford, Carleton Co, New Brunswick. Sister to Truman Waldo Jones. Granddaughter of Thomas Fulton and Ephraim Jones.

(Photo credit: original from J & K McCrea collection)

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Obituary: Seth S. Fulton

The Mars Hill View
Jan. 05, 1910

Knoxford, N.B. News

Seth S. Fulton, formerly of Knoxford, N.B., died of pneumonia, on Wednesday, December 29, 1910, at Gillett,Colorado, aged 61 years.

Deceased was a brother of Mrs. A.D. King, of this town and of James E. and Thomas Fulton of Houlton. He also leaves a brother, Mr. Samuel D. Fulton and two sisters, Mrs. E. Jones and Mrs. Jeremiah Tracy of Knoxford.

Deceased went to Colorado about 20 years ago and engaged in mining and at the time of his death, held a claim in a mine at Gillett. The friends and relatives have the deepest sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

[son of Thomas Fulton and Margaret Nicholos; nephew of Robert Fulton]

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Obituary: Alice Fulton Larrabee

Presque Isle Star Herald. Thursday, January 31, 1929
Alice A Larrabee (14 Nov 1861-22 Jan 1929)

Funeral  services  for  the  late  Alice A. Larrabee  were  held  Friday  afternoon  at  2o’clock   from   the  United   Baptist  Church. Rev.  B . C.  Bubar  officiating and was assisted  by  Rev.  Erma S.  Keniston  of  the  local Methodist  church.    Alva Rebekeh  Lodge  of which Mrs . Larrabee  was  a  valued  member attended in  a  body  and  following  the  ceremonies of  the  church  held  their  services for  a  deceased  member,    which   was   very impresssive and beautiful.   The church  was  filled  with  the  numerous friends and relatives and  a  profusion  of  beautiful  floral  tributes covered the casket and  were  arranged  about  the  chancel.Musical selections were rendered by Mr. And  Mrs. Lee Good of Monticello, accompanied by Mrs. Ruby Tapley of Blaine.

The bearers were members of the Grange,  S. W.  Collins,  Sherman Tapley, Birt S. Tapley.    Arrangements were in charge of R.W. Wight and the interment was made at King’s Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Alice A. Larrabee at 67 years of age, was born in Wicklow, N.B.,  the daughter of Robert and Martha Jones Fulton.   She came to Mars Hill with her  parents in 1868,   where  she  has  spent  the greater part of her life.   She  married  William  Larrabee,  a  Civil War veteran and on this union three children survive,  Mrs. Dorothy Mahan, Frank Larrabee  and  Bertha  Hallett,  several  grandchildren, besides three brothers, Dr.A.J.Fulton of Blaine, Harden Fulton, Mars Hill,  Mrs. Fred  A. Blackden of Merrimac Mass.,   and Mrs. Richard Bell; also of Mars Hill are two sisters;  G. W. Fulton    of Florida; a step-son,  Charles  Larrabee  of  Guilford and a stepgrandson,  Clinton  Larrabee,  with whom she had been  living  this winter. Mrs. Larrabee was a woman  of  very  pleasing personality,possessing  numerous  friends  by whom she will be greatly missed.

She was a member of Mountain  Grange  Alva   Rebekah  Lodge, and the Ladies Grange Lodge, all of which she was a  faithful  member. She was ever ready to  minister  to the sick and suffering and was called often to assist where people were in distress. The community sincerely  regret  her  passing  and  extend  the  bereaved relatives their sincere sympathy.

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Obituary: Ina May Bartley

Mars Hill View
April 18, 1912

Ina May Bartley, died at Upper Knoxford, N.B., April 11,   1912, aged one year, 8 months and 4 days, grand-daughter of  Leonard and Matilda Bartley.    The little one, especially bright and winsome, had been   attacked the third time with spinal meningitis and brain fever and suffered intensely for five and one half days.
The service, at the house and church, was held by Rev. J.B.  Daggett and he gave a very practical talk on the seriousness of   life and of adult influence over the character of the young in  our homes and of those with whom we come in daily contact.  Almon Jones conducted the funeral.
Kilburn Wheeler, Reginald Smith, Blake Jamison and Irvine  Jones were pall bearers.

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Obituary: Addie Bartley Toms

The Mars Hill View
May 9, 1912

Addie Toms, wife of Lewis Bartley, died at her home in Upper Knoxford, on April 25, 1912, of general debility, aged 27 years, 3 months and  25 days, leaving three little ones, Fay, aged 4, Iva, 1 year and an infant boy, five weeks old. Besides her grief stricken husband and parents, there are two brothers, Harry and Leigh and two sisters, Bessie, Mrs. Robbie Longstaff, with a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn the loss of  one whose place can never be filled.

From early childhood, a quiet, unassuming little body, her good nature and conscientious, cheerful, intelligent perservence and general good behavior, made her an ideal pupil. As she came up to young womanhood, she   was one of the rare ones who seemed to have the    old head on the young shoulders, assuming and bearing responsibility with the same patient and cheerful philosophy as in her childhood. Wifehood and motherhood so developed her that when she went away so suddenly and so much regretted, it could be truthfully said of her, “None knew her but to love and praise her.” Her neighbors vied with her relatives in doing everything to make her short stay comfortable and she was so appreciative of every little attention.

She lies in the churchyard, in Lower Knoxford, from which, as one of the hymns so beautifully expressed it, “She had often gathered flowers,  when a child,” since the day school was opposite the church. She was a faithful member of the United Baptist Church and Sunday School and her  pastor, Rev. J.B. Daggett, preached the funeral sermon. The pall bearers were Allison and Addison Reid, Harley Margison and Stanley Burke.

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Obituary: Mrs J H Syphers

Mars Hill View, November 25, 1909

Death in So. Portland of a former Mars Hill Citizen.

Lucy York, wife of Dr. James H.  Syphers,  died at her  home,  170 Sawyer st., South Portland, Friday  evening,  Nov. 19,  at  a  few moments past eight o’clock. Mrs.  Syphers   had    been   suffering from  dropsy  for  a  number  of years though  she  has not been continually confined to her bed.  Mrs. Syphers was born in Wakefield,  N.B.  and   her   childhood  days were  passed  in  her  native town.   At the age of 17 she came to Mars Hill and made  her  home with her sister.  On June 13, 1861 she  was  married to Dr. James H. Syphers and for many years after  they  made their  home  in  Mars Hill.  About seventeen years ago they moved to  South  Portland,   then  Cape Elizabeth,    and    have    resided ever since.

Mrs. Syphers is survived by her her  husband,  two sons and  two daughters as follows: Albion S.,of Mars Hill;  Harry J.,  of  Stratham, N.H.;  Dr. LeRoi S. Syphers,of Cornish, Me.:Mrs. Inez I. Johnson, of Berkeley, California and Mrs.  Lydia  Hersom,  of   Blaine.
She also leaves six sisters.
Funeral services were held on Sunday  afternoon at 2 PM from her late residence,  170  Sawyer street.  There was a  large attendance of friends and relatives  and  the  floral  display was   beautiful.    The services were  conducted  by  Rev. C. S.  Woodworth  of   the   Bethany Congregational   church   and was especially impressive. The pall  bearers   were   her   two sons Dr. LeRoi Syphers,Harry J. Syphers,  and  Edward  Cole and Harry Seaford. Interment    was at Mt. Pleasant cemetery.    Mrs. Syphers  was  a  woman of  noble   character,  a   kind heart and a true mother.   Her  relatives have  sympathy  of  a  large number of friends.

[30 Jul 1842-19 November 1909]

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Obituary: William W. Larrabee

William W. Larrabee, another war veteran, has answered  the Roll Call, passing quitely away at  his  residence  on   Benjamin street, Aug. 31,after an illness of about 11 months, at the age of 75 years,  8 months,  21 days.During the weary months of his    sickness (hardening of the arteries)   he  was  tenderly  cared for  by  his  wife  and  grandson and   everything   was   done  to make his last days  as  comfortable as possible.   Mr. Larrabee was born  in  the town  of  Parkman,  Me.,   and in his early manhood  answered  the  call of his country  and  became  a  member of Company D,  8th Maine Volunteers  serving  until  the  close of the war. On his return home,he  was  united  in   marriage  to Miss  Arminta Pingree,  also  of Parkman.To them four children were  born.      William  of  Richmond,   Calif.,   Arthur  of   Foxcroft, Charles of Guilford and Mrs.  May  Perkins  of  Parkman. After  the  death   of   his   first wife he came to Aroostook County and in the autumn of ’79 was married  to  Miss   Alice  Fulton.Three   children   were  born  to them,  Mrs.  Alice  Mahan,    Mrs.Bertha Hallett and Frank L. all of   Mars  Hill.    Several  grandchildren,    especially   Clinton, son  of  Charles  Larrabee,  who lived  with   his   grandparents,mourn  their sad loss with others.    Besides  his  own  family,two brothers survive him, Moses of  Parkman and Jos.  H.,  of Dexter, also the family of Jos. Warren   formerly   of   Dexter,his sister,   Mrs.   Warren   having  passed   away   some   years ago.   In politics,  Mr. Larrabee was   a   life-long    Republican, having   cast  his  first  vote  in the  city   of   Beaufort,   South Carolina and  having  the  rare    privilege   of   voting  at  every election day since,   both state and National.He  was a good  neighbor  and friend and devoted  to  his wife and family,   never  actively religious,    until  the   last   four months  of  his  life  he  professed   faith   in   Christ    finding comfort in  this  promise.   Funeral   services  were  preached by   Elder  Koch  from  the  4th verse   of    the    23rd    Psalm, which   was chosen  by  the  deceased.  Three beautiful hymns were  sung  by  the  choir,   Mr.    and   Mrs.   Horace   Anderson,Miss   Nettie   Ford   with   Mrs.Koch as organist.   Selections were as follows;    “Nearer My God to Thee.”    “There’ll be no Shadows” and “Will the circle be Unbroken.”  The  floral  offerings were beautiful, a pillow from the family  with  “Father”    in  the  center  was  prominent Services from the Baptist Church.  Interment  in  the  King’s    Grove Cemetery.

[1841/1844-31 Aug 1917]

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Obituary: James W. Fulton

James W. Fulton

James W. Fulton of Blaine passed away at the home of his only daughter, Mrs. Bert Tapley,  on Tuesday, April 26, aged 79 years, 3 months and 26 days. Although he had been in failing  health for some years, his last illness was only about four weeks being confined to his bed just for a part of the time. During his illness he was tenderly cared for by his daughter and members  of her family and his last days were made as comfortable as possible, considering his age and the nature of his illness, being a serious complication for which there proved to be no cure.

Mr. Fulton was born in Bridgewater in December 30, 1841. His parents moved to Carleton   County, N.B., when he was a small child, living there until 1868, when he, together with his parents and other members of their family moved to Mars Hill. The year following, on May 9, he was united in marriage to Mrs. Mary Ann Shaw. To this union two children were born, Evelyn,  with whom he lived and Phoebe, who died in infancy.
They lived for a time on what is now known as the Fossey place, then removing to the East  Ridge Road, where he settled down and cleared a new farm, and with his wife bravely surmounting the trials and difficulties, incident to pioneer life, caring faithfully for those entrusted to his guidance, kind and supportive to those who needed his assistance. Here they lived in comfortable circumstances. Some years after the marriage of their daughter, the farm was transferred to his son-in-law, Bert L. Tapley, who sold out and moved to West Blaine. There  in united effort, a fine  farm was made and it was here that Mrs. Fulton died about 10 years ago.  Later, they moved to Blaine Village where surrounded with comfort his last days were spent. He  received thorough care and attention, which every old person, especially those who always  worked hard and tried to help others, justly deserves.   He was the oldest of a family of twelve, seven of whom survives him, E.J. Fulton, of Cass   Lake, Minn., Dr. A.J. Fulton of Blaine, L.H. Fulton of Mars Hill and George W. Fulton of Jacksonville, Florida, also Mrs. R.L. Bell, Mrs. Alice Larrabee and Mrs. F.A. Blackden.  Mr. Fulton was a member of the First Free Baptist Church organized in Mars Hill about 45 years ago and at the time of his death was a member of the same denomination at Blaine Village.  Funeral services were held from his church home, Rev. B.C. Bubar presiding, Mr. Delbert Bell acted as manager and four nephews as pall bearers.  They were Roy and Urban Bell, Leon Blackden and Leo Fulton. Beautiful selections were finely rendered by a choir consisting of Mrs.  Jessie Beals, Frank Tapley, Mrs. Amy Hutchington and Lee Beals, with Mrs. Clara Lowell as  organist.
The floral offerings were beautiful. A pillow bearing the word ‘Father’ from the family and a  wreath from the brothers and sisters bearing the word ‘Brother’ were silent tokens of regard.  Also, flowers from the Grange and Rebekahs.    The sympathy of many friends is extended to those who mourn the loss of a loving father,  grandparent and brother. Interment was made in the Kings Grove Cemetery.

Rest thou in peace dear Brother
All your sorrows and care are over
We hope to meet you in the morning
Where life’s parting come no more.

Mars Hill View, May 12, 1921

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Photo: Eliphat Jones and Jane Fulton Jones

Eliphat Jones and Jane Fulton Jones. Earlier picture of the same people???

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Obituary: Adeline A. Fulton McKelvery

The Mars Hill View
August 15, 1912

Mrs. Adeline A. McKelvery, wife of Robert McKelvery of Mars Hill, died Monday, August 12,    after a lingering illness of years. Deceased was born in Wicklow, N.B., February 26, 1853. She was  married to James Murray and three children were born, Mrs. Annie Page of Concord, N.H., Alice and a son who died in infancy. Mr. Murray died several  years ago and the deceased married Robert McKelvery of Mars Hill.She has four sisters and five brothers living; Mrs. Bartley, of N.B., Mrs. R.L. Bell, Mrs. W.W. Larrabee, Mrs. Fred A. Blackden, of Mars Hill. The    brothers are Dr. A.J. Fulton and James W. Fulton, of Blaine, Ephraim Fulton,   of Cass Lake, Minnesota, L.H. Fulton, of Mars Hill and George W. Fulton, of Cambridgeport, Mass.

Mrs. McKelvery became a Christian early in life and joined the Free Baptist Church when but a young girl and was a highly respected member of  the Mars Hill Free Baptist Church. She was also a Rebekah, W.C.T.U. member and a Granger.

Funeral services were held from the home yesterday, Rev. Charles Orser officiating. F.W. Shaw had charge and a choir, consisting of Mr. & Mrs.  Horace Anderson, Susie Bubar and Beulah Turner sang. Pall Bearers were,W.S. York, D.C. Irvine, Wesley Shaw and Henry Orser. The funeral decorations were beautiful and consisted of a pillow from the family; a set piece from the Rebekah’s and sixty white asters, besides carnations and potted plants.

Deceased was one of Mars Hill’s most highly respected women and her death is a sad loss to the entire community. Deep sympathy is expressed for  the husband, daughters and relatives.

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Obituary: Jane Fulton Jones

The Mars Hill View
Oct. 26, 1911

Jane (Fulton) Jones

Jane, wife of Eliphalet Jones, died of paralysis, Oct. 13, 1911,age nearly 77, leaving to mourn, besides her husband, a daughter,  Sarah, a son, Thomas Almon, 4 grandsons, 3 brothers, James E. and Thomas Fulton of Houlton and Samuel of Knoxford, and one sister,
Mrs. Mary King of Blaine, Me.

Mrs. Jones had her first stroke of paralysis two years and three months ago, followed at irregular intervals, by violent epileptic fits. She would be able, after each attack, to get about with assistance but since last January, has been very feeble and confined to her bed and chair most of the time.

The day previous to the last attack, she had been able, with help, to walk out to her dinner and conversed cheerfully with callers in the evening. A stroke at midnight ended her earthly career thirty hours later.

The remains were interred at Knoxford, the funeral service being conducted by Miss Ella Slipp, of Fort Fairfield, who has charge of the Royalton Church.

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Obituary: Perry Cox

Mars Hill View
July 22, 1915

Perry Oliver Cox, passed away at his home on Silver Street, July 1, 1915, aged 43 years,18 days. Deceased had been in failing health for some time, yet ever hopeful of recovery until obliged to give up and take his bed which was only for one week. He was rational until the last moments of his life, taking an interest in things pertaining to his home.
He professed religion some years ago under the preaching of Elder Brooks and was baptized by him 14 years ago. He was married to Miss Maggie Leath of Easton, residing in that town for some time, then removing to Mars Hill. He was the youngest of a family of nine, one sister and two brothers died some years ago.

In his last days he found peace in believing and calmly made known his wishes, which as    nearly as possible, was carried out. During his sickness, his wife, was untiring in her devotion, being his constant attendant and every effort was made to stay the destroyer, but in vain.

Funeral services were held from the Baptist Church, conducted by the Odd Fellows, of which order he was a member. By his request, Brother Odd Fellows, Al, True, Isaiah and Jud Garrison, were pall-bearers. Mrs. Dr. Kincaid, Mrs. Elmer Pierce, Mrs. Horace Anderson, sang two hymns selected by the deceased, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” “One by One,” with Miss Edgecomb as organist.

Besides his wife, five brothers survive him, George, Charles, Goodwell, Horace and Joseph All, except George,  being present at the funeral.  Those from out of town were Mrs. And Mrs.Gregg, Mr. Charles Leath and Miss Lottie Gregg from Fort Fairfield and Mr. And Mrs. Everett Tompkins from Blaine.

Words of comfort were spoken by Elder Orff, also a Brother Odd Fellow, who faithfully delivered a stirring message to the living. Brothers of the Order and relatives followed him to    his chosen resting place in Easton Cemetery.

As an associate with the one who has recently passed away, having lived for many years in his childhood, under the same roof with us, we feel as it were the loss of a brother, who was faithful in his devotion, honest and unselfish.
Dr. Aaron J. Fulton

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Photo: Ephraim Jones

Ephraim Jones

Ephraim Jones

Ephraim Jones, father of Mrs Robert Fulton (Martha). born 04 Apr 1801 in New Brunswick Canada. In the 1851, 1861, 1871 Census,  Ephraim lived in Douglas, York County, New Brunswick.

Ephraim Jones was married to Dorothy Crain. They had Martha Jones Fulton, Aaron Jones, Eliphat Jones, Phoebe Jones Lawrence, Elizabeth Skellton Jones Morehouse, Eliza Jones, Kezia Jones, Mary Elinor Morehouse, James and Robert F Jones (later of Knoxford).

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Map: 1877 Blaine, Aroostook, Maine

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Photo: Nelson B Jones

Nelson B Jones, b. Jan 1865 Carleton Co, New Brunswick. He was the son of Robert M Jones (Little Bob) and Mary Ann Davis. Moved to the USA in 1890. In the 1900 US Census,  he was married to Lydia Bradley and living in Soquel, Santa Cruz, California. Nelson had at least 5 children[ Leithia Lauren Jones, Irvin Jones, Wilbur Nelson Jones, Glen Robert Jones, Irma Jones] .  Nelson died on 15 Jun 1944 in Santa Cruz Co, California.

Nelson also had one brother, Curtis M Jones who also moved to California and then to Arizona.

(Photo credit: original from J & K McCrea collection)

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Photo: Florence King Brown

Florence King Brown, daughter of Alfred D. King and Mary C Fulton. Granddaughter of Thomas Fulton and Margaret Nichols.

Florence married Delbert Bruce  Brown, son of John H Brown and Ruth —– on 19 Aug 1892, Blaine, Maine at her parent’s home.

She was b. 1874 Carleton Co, New Brunswick and died  d. 25 Mar 1897 in Blaine Maine of Tuberculosis.

Buried: Lower Knoxford Cemetery, Carleton, New Brunswick

(Photo credit: original from J & K McCrea collection)

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Photo: James E Fulton and Cumfort Jones Fulton

James E Fulton and Cumfort Jones Fulton. James was the son of Thomas Fulton (brother to Robert M Fulton). Born 13 Aug 1840, Centreville, Carleton, New Brunswick.  Died 23 Jun 1934 in Knoxford at his nieces home. According to the 1910 Houlton Census, he and his wife had three children but none were living.

Cumfort Jones Fulton was the daughter of Frederick Jones and Mary Porter. She was born in Douglas, York, NB. on 05 Mar 1848 and died in Houlton on 01 Aug 1915.

(Photo: J & K McCrea collection)

Fulton, James Edward of Knoxford, Carleton County  (Hartland Observer 5th July, 1934)
James E Fulton on June 24- The death of James E Fulton at the home of Mrs. Ada Fulton – Lower Knoxford.
Deceased was 93 years of age, born in Centreville where he spent his life until he was 23 at which time he was mustard into the United States Army as a private First Marine 1864 he was wounded in action during an assault by his regiment on the Congina his wounds incapacitated him until the end of the conflict.

On Sept 11, 1865 he received a honourable discharge from the US Army at Fort Baker, D. C.
Following the war service, Mr. Fulton was for many years a resident of Houlton, Maine. Since the death of his wife who pre-deceased him 18 years ago. Mr. Fulton has spent the greater part of his life in Carleton County and up until a few months ago has enjoyed the best and although of quite an advanced age, he will long be remembered by young and old for his humorous jokes.

The funeral was held from his late residence on Tuesday 6 June. Lic Harvey Blaney was the officating Minister. He was assisted by Rev Hollis Kimball of Fort Fairfield. Several appropiate selections were beautifully rendered by the Eastern Nazarene College Male Quarette of Boston, Massachusetts. Buriel was conducted in Houlton, Maine where the body was interred in the Foxcroft Cemetery.

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1880 Census Mars Hill Robert Fulton

1880 Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine

Roll   476; Family History Film:  1254476; Page:  306B; Enumeration District:  212;

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Census: 1870 Mars Hill Robert M Fulton

Robert M Fulton, 1870 Census, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.

Roll   M593_538; Page:  279A

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Photo: MacDonald “Mack” Fulton

Macdonald Fulton

Macdonald Fulton, son Samuel D Fulton and Elevia Bartley, grandson of Thomas Fulton. Thomas Fulton is a brother of Robert M Fulton.

Mack married Ada Idella Vandine and lived in Knoxford New Brunswick Canada.

The following Elevia Bartley siblings married Fultons:

John Bartley married Abigail Fulton, daughter of Robert M Fulton

Sarah Bartley married Thomas Fulton, brother of Samuel Fulton

Annie Bartley married Harding Fulton, son of Robert M Fulton

Photo: scan of original from the J & K McCrea collection

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