1897 Quilt: Ida Cogswell / Ida Laughlin

Ida E Cogswell, Centreville, N.B. March 19, 1897 WCTU

*Ida Ethelyn Cogswell b. 1868-29 Mar 1870.  Centreville, daughter of William Cogswell and Elizabeth Crabb.

1871, 1881, 1891 Wicklow, New Brunswick.
1901 Wicklow, New Brunswick with father William and stepmother, Marilda Britton Sharp Cogswell.

1905- Ida married Vernon Laughlin in Colorado, a dentist.
Children: Edgar Laughlin [David E Laughlin] b. 1906 in Idaho, Vernon Laughlin b. 6 Jan 1908 in Colorado, Ruth Laughlin b. 23 Nov 1913 in Colorado.

Vernon W Laughlin died in 1939 and is buried in Colorado Springs, Co.

1940: Ida lived in El Paso, Colorado with daughter Ruth Peters and son in law.
1940, son Vernon Laughlin and family: Genell, Marsha, Vernon E lived in Denver Co.

Ida Ethelyn Laughlin d. 13 Jul 1953 Ventura California and is buried in Colorado.
son Vernon Walter Laughlin died 25 Apr 1953 in California
daughter Ruth Laughlin Peters died 8 Jun 1997 in California

1897 Ida Cogswell

1897 Ida Cogswell

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