1897 Quilt: Ida Cogswell / Ida Laughlin

Ida E Cogswell, Centreville, N.B. March 19, 1897 WCTU

*Ida Ethelyn Cogswell b. 1868-29 Mar 1870.  Centreville, daughter of William Cogswell and Elizabeth Crabb.

1871, 1881, 1891 Wicklow, New Brunswick.
1901 Wicklow, New Brunswick with father William and stepmother, Marilda Britton Sharp Cogswell.

1905- Ida married Vernon Laughlin in Colorado, a dentist.
Children: Edgar Laughlin [David E Laughlin] b. 1906 in Idaho, Vernon Laughlin b. 6 Jan 1908 in Colorado, Ruth Laughlin b. 23 Nov 1913 in Colorado.

Vernon W Laughlin died in 1939 and is buried in Colorado Springs, Co.

1940: Ida lived in El Paso, Colorado with daughter Ruth Peters and son in law.
1940, son Vernon Laughlin and family: Genell, Marsha, Vernon E lived in Denver Co.

Ida Ethelyn Laughlin d. 13 Jul 1953 Ventura California
son Vernon Walter Laughlin died 25 Apr 1953 in California
daughter Ruth Laughlin Peters died 8 Jun 1997 in California

1897 Ida Cogswell

1897 Ida Cogswell

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