Looking for photos and information

Hello readers,

Click on About Robert M Fulton to learn about Robert Fulton and his family.


To read the diary entries, click on the year in the categories fields in the right hand menu bar. You may also search the site for names and keywords by entering them in the search box on the top right.

You can also search use Google to search the site by entering:
[    YOURKEYWORD site:fultondiaries.wordpress.com   ]  in the google searchbox.

If you have photos and information about the people mentioned in the Robert Fulton diaries, please contact me  at neeantworth at gmail.com

Family names:



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5 Responses to Looking for photos and information

  1. Linda Shaw says:

    My great great grandfather, Judson Straight, was mentioned through out the diaries-I’ve really enjoyed reading about this time period – very glad to have found this.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this information online. I was especially excited to see a picture of Ephraim Jones, who would be my great-great-grandfather. His daughter, Pheobe, married my great, great, grandfather, Philemon Lawrence. As far as I know only 1 photo of Pheobe has ever been found and is not great quality.

  3. Jim Russo says:

    What an amazing amount of work you’ve done to present the information.

  4. Heather Brown says:

    Louisa (Webster) Fulton is my 2nd great aunt.

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