1897 Quilt: Augusta L Dudley / Lucinda A DeMerchant

Augusta L Dudley Easton, Me. 

Augusta Lucinda DeMerchant Dudley

Augusta L.Dudley (Credit: Wayne Glidden)

Lucinda Augusta DeMerchant  b. Jan 1849 Blaine, Maine, daughter of  Charles Demerchant and Lucinda O’Rourke. Siblings: Martha, Mary, Hannah, Jane.
Charles DeMerchant/DeMarchant b. 1810-1811 and Lucinda ______ b. 1829 were both born in New Brunswick Canada.

Augusta married George Dudley  (b. 15 Sep 1847 ) in 1871.

She was the mother of  Frank Dudley, Nola Dudley, Charles Dudley, Nell Dudley b. 1893.

Nola died 1 Jun 1894 age 15, strychnine poisoning

1900 Census: Easton, Maine
1910 Census:  Easton, Maine
1920 Census: Easton, Maine
1930 Census: Easton, Maine, living with daughter Nell Dudley Grant and family.

George A Dudley d. 30 Oct 1920

Augusta Lucinda Dudley died on 25 March 1935 in Easton Maine. She is buried in Estes Park Cemetery, Easton Maine.

1897 Augusta Dudley

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3 Responses to 1897 Quilt: Augusta L Dudley / Lucinda A DeMerchant

  1. Norm says:

    Lucinda’s mother’s maiden name was O’Rourke. What a wonderful picture of her.

  2. Rena says:

    Beautiful, she was my great grandmother.

    • Norm says:

      Hi Rena, I would love to know more about Lucy if you would be willing to tell me. I do have some information to share. normdem(at)yahoo.com

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