1897 Quilt: Mrs. John Bricknell / Jessie Bricknell / Jessie Hume

Mrs John L Bricknell , Mars Hill Maine, Aroostook County, LAS

Jessie Hume b. May 1854 in Dundee Scotland, daughter of Alexander Hume (1831-2 Jan 1909)  and Mather “Maddie” Kerr.
Siblings: Edith Hume [Herbert Whitman] ,  Elizabeth Hume [Peter Forbes] d. 1899, May Hume [wife of Matthew Smith] , Euphemia Hume d. 1876

Jessie Hume married John Bricknell (b. 1860 in Halifax NS-2 Oct 1912 in Mars Hill Maine) in 28 August 1890 in Woodstock, NB. John was the son of Andrew Bricknell and Ann.

Jessie and the parents moved to Canada and then immigrated in 1899 to the US.

Jessie was the sister in law to Isabella Bricknell, later Isabella Walton.

1900 & 1910  Census, Jessie and John were living in Mars Hill Maine.

John L Bricknell died in October 1912 and was buried in Williamstown NB.

1920 ?

1930 Census, Jessie Bricknell, a widow, was a resident of Mars Hill,  Maine.

Jessie died in October 1931 and is buried in Williamstown NB next to her husband.

1897Jessie Hume Bricknell

1897Jessie Hume Bricknell

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