Fulton Tree / Timeline

Robert M Fulton Family Tree- 3 generations

Robert Fulton born.

Martha Jones born- wife of Robert Fulton.

Robert Fulton marries Martha Jones. Lives in Wicklow Carleton Co New Brunswick Canada.

Robert Fulton and family move to Mars Hill Maine

death of Robert Fulton

death of Martha Jones Fulton

4 Responses to Fulton Tree / Timeline

  1. Frank Larrabee says:

    I “stumbled” upon this site recently and have been facinated by what the daily lives of my ancestors were. I noticed in your “Who’s Who in the Diaries” tab that there are no Larrabee’s listed. Frank L Larrabee was my grandfather, who I know very little about. Who is W.W. Larrabee?

    This is amazing!

    Frank J. Larrabee

    PS. My father was Thurlow Larrabee, Frank L. Larrrabee’s son.

  2. I love this diarie as it is part of my family and intresting reading, I love family history.
    To Roberta isn’t everyone in that part of Maine from Canada? and your not a Mainer untill your great-grandfather is buried there. Ha! Ha!. Love it.

    Robert M. Fulton was the son of Sanuel Fulton b: Truro, Canada and Margaret Lovely b: 1786 Cumberland, Canada.

    Samuel was the son of William Fulton b: 1784 Ireland d: 1812 Canada & Sarah Dunlap d: 1814.

    Margaret was the Daughter of Benjamin Lovely b: 1749 Ireland m: 1777 Sarah b: Ireland d: 1840 canada.

    Descendants of Benjamin and Sarah is very large. I come down through Benjamin on an other line.

    Benjamin is my G,G,G,Great-grandfather.

    All have a nice day Wayne from Maine

  3. A.J. Fulton says:

    Odd, what will come up when you search for yourself on the internet.

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