Photo : Rachel Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Alden and Rachel Blackden Sylvester

Rachel M Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Rachel Blackden Sylvester was the eldest child of Napoleon Bonapart Blackden and Lydia Cookson.  She was born 13 Mar 1854 in Etna Maine. She married Alden Sylvester, son of Ansel Sylvester and Louisa Torrey,  on 07 Apr 1872 .


Florence Sylvester
Herbert Sylvester
Fred Alton Sylvester
Arthur Clayton Sylvester
Alice L Sylvester
Lena Sylvester
Don Carroll Sylvester
Pearl Sylvester
Ivda Sylvester
Lillian Sylvester

(photo credit: Sylvan Collection)

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3 Responses to Photo : Rachel Blackden and Alden Sylvester

  1. Judi Brooks says:

    Don Carroll Sylvester was my grandfather. My mother has passed away and would like to get some information on my grandfather if there is any. I know he was a potato farmer in Westfield. I have been to Westfield and saw the lot where my mother, (Edna Pearl Sylvester Leach) grew up and the church. Is there any place I could get some information on my grandfather.

    • Donnie Beals says:

      Judi i am Donnie Beals of Blaine Maine if you will send me your mailing address by the USPostal Service i will send you info on your grandparents Don and Hazel Sylvester thank you Donnie Beals PO Box 484 Mars Hill Maine 04758

  2. Mary Sylvester says:

    My name is Mary Sylvester and I, too, am a granddaughter of Don Carroll Sylvester. My father was Kenneth Don Sylvester (deceased), the eldest child of Dona and Hazel Sylvester, and brother to your mother, Edna. I have very little information on the family, but I would be happy to speak with you and/or communicate via email.

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