1897 Quilt: Ethel Banks / Ethel Bridges / Ethel Clark

Ethel Banks, Mars Hill, Maine, LAS, Feb 23, 1897

Ethel  Bridges   b. Dec 1866 , daughter of Reuben Bridges and Hannah Wood .

also known as Melissa Ethel Bridges

Married  James L Banks in 1884

  • Mother of Charles Elwood Banks b. 20 Nov 1897  and a stillborn b. 4 Sep 1903

Married to Perley Garfield Clark (b. 9 Sep 1882)  on 26 Apr 1905

  • Mother to Troy Reuben Clark, b 19 May 1906. Mars Hill, Maine  (died 19 Feb 1983 in California)

Divorced before 1915 (1917 WWI registration)

Ethel B Peavey d. 8 Apr 1950 in San Diego Co, California. Father: Bridges, Mother: Wood
4th wife of Newell J Peavey. Married 30 Jul 1935.

1897 Ethel Banks

1897 Ethel Banks

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