Photo: Helena Belle Nutter Smith (11 Oct 1883-21 Jun 1958)

Funeral services were held June 23 [1958] at Pierce Bros. Mortuary, Los Angeles, for Helena Nutter Smith.
She was the daughter of Adelbert and Rose Nutter and was born in Mars Hill, Oct. 11, 1883. She was a graduate of Dexter High and of Bates College 1906. She taught in High Schools in Hyannis and Springfield, Mass.  In 1920 she went to California, first to Yucaipa, then Los Angeles.
Marion Weymouth Gordon, a cousin, was her only relative in Los Angeles.  There are two cousins in Dexter: Bertha Strout Littlefield and Mabel Strout Richards; and a cousin, Dorothy Dennen, of Sharon, Mass.

[Her baby brother, Forrest B Nutter died 2 November 1886 from a scalding accident in late October 1886 as noted in the diary. Lena married Eugene B Smith ]

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  1. Stuart Francis says:

    Hi this is Stuart Francis and enjoyed reading some of the history of Mars Hill. I grew up in Mars Hill from Aug. 1955, graduated at Central Aroostook High in 1975. Went on from there and went to college and moved to Colorado in 1980 and still reside.

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