It is interesting to note that the RM diaries mention a variety of peddlers visiting the town of Mars Hill and the Fulton home.

April 1886: McGaw, George Whittaker
June 1886: George Whitcome; ;  unknown “a peddler selling specs”
Aug 1886: James More
Sept 1886: Thomas H More; Watten
Nov 1886: T H More
Dec 1886: David Hartley
Feb 1889: Two Rag peddlers
May 1889: Mr. Oliver, a map peddler
Aug 1889: Meat Peddler
Sept: 1889: George Jollimore, Beef Peddler; Nehemiah Stairs, Apple Peddler
Dec 1889: a book peddler;  Leslie W. Herd – a clock fixer and peddler
Nov. 1891: McNinch, the peddler
Oct 1892: woman peddler (with John Jamison)
Dec 1892: German woman peddler
June 1893: Watten, the wool peddler
Sept 1893: peddler from Fort Fairfield
Dec 1893: Joe Charles, an Arabian peddler
Jan 1895: two peddlers here today, ” A man and a woman from Fort Fairfield”; peddler here today from Bridgewater by the name of Night (Knight)
Oct 1895: Two Arabian peddlers, stayed around for three days
Oct 1896: three peddlers, RM purchased a shirt
Mar 1897: Fish peddler
April 1897: Peddler, Siberian (Syrian?)

It appears a number of Lebanese- Syrian – Arabian- families came to the United States via Ellis Island and were given goods to sell in Northern Maine. Many were listed in the 1900 census in Fort Fairfield. To learn more, click on this link to hear a portion of a 1972 Oral History interview with Louis / Lewis Ayoob on the Turner Memorial Library website:

In census years, the immigrants listed their birthplace as Turkey, Syria.

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