Who’s Who in the Diaries

Aheran, John A.

Aheran, Jonas

Bartley, Garon Coleman- son of John E Bartley

Bartley, Havelock- of Westfield, son of  John E Bartley, married to Ethel Kennedy, brother to Welley Bartley

Bartley, John E- married to Abigail Fulton, daughter of Robert Fulton

Bartley, Len (Lorenzo)- married to Matilda Lawrence

Bartley, Thomas- father of  Annie Bartley Fulton

Bartley, Thomas O- son of John E Bartley

Bell, Richard L- married to Dorothy Dolly Fulton

Bell, Phoebe- daughter of Richard and Dorothy Fulton; moved to Minnesota as a young lady

Bell, James Urban-son of R L Bell and Dorothy Fulton

Bell, LeRoy-son of RL Bell and Dorothy Fulton

Bell, Thomas Colby-son of RL Bell and Dorothy Fulton

Blackden, Fred- husband of  Stella Fulton. son-in-law of Robert Fulton

Blackden, Napoleon Bonapart- father of Fred Blackden

Blanchard- owner of wood mill in Mars Hill Maine

Blanchard, B B

Boone, Henry and wife from Tobique

Boyd, John-


Boynton, Esther

Brewers, – from St. Marys NB

Buckingham, George

Burns, Philander

Canady, Jane

Cole, Mrs from Tobique

Cox, Merty

Cox, Perry Oliver

Craig, James & Mrs.

Delong, Sam

Dewitt, Bro.

Dillon, Bill

Easty, William- from Hartley Settlement

Fletcher, Eli-

Fossy, Jim

Foster, Bro

Frost, Cass

Fulton, Aaron Jones

Fulton, Charles K- of Bridgewater, 1838-1922. son of Joshua Fulton, brother to Robert Fulton

Fulton, Harden- married to Annie Bartley

Fulton, Ellwyn- son of A J Fulton

Fulton, James E.- of Houlton (1886)

Fulton, James W

Fulton, Mabell– lived in Minnesota, daughter of EJ Fulton.

Fulton, Mary Ann

Fulton, Samuel- from Knoxford NB

Elkins, John

Elms, Mrs

Everitt, Mrs

Frost, Harry

Gee, Peter

Giberson, Alvin

Giberson, Stephen

Gillen, Alf

Glidden, Floyd

Gray, Hildred

Hallet, George

Hallet, Sam

Hanes, Bro.

Hargrove, William-

Hartley, David, the peddler

Hawksley, Fred

Hawksley, Roger

Hersom, Mr.- from Easton

Herrick, G L – book agent of Easton Maine

Hutchison, Arthur and wife Jane– thrasher

Hutchinson, Anna

Hutchinson, John- a minister

Jamison, John

Kearney, James

Key, Stora-

King, Alfred- married to Mary Fulton, niece of Robert Fulton and daughter of Thomas Fulton.

Larrabee, Frank- son of WW Larrabee and Alice Fulton

Larrabee, William W.– husband to Alice A Fulton

Lawrence, Ephraim

Lindsey, George- son of John Lindsay and Mary Ann Fulton

Lindsay, Howard

Lindsay, John– son in law to Robert Fulton, married to Mary Ann Fulton, daughter of Robert M Fulton

Lockhard, Edward- from Easton

Longley, Bro.

Lorenca, Mr.- of Caribou?

Loveley, Enoch

Mahan, Mrs.

Mahan, Jim

McCormick, Nash

McDonald, Don

McDonald, Mathias

McKay, Joseph

McKelvery, Robert- 2nd husband of Adeline Fulton Murray.

McKelvery, Edward

McPherson, Charles

McPherson, John

More, Thomas H- the peddler

Morehouse, Isaac- from Keswick- son of Daniel and Hannah (Hanson) Morehouse; he married Elizabeth Skelton Jones, the younger sister of Martha (Jones) Fulton

Murray, Adaline- daughter of Robert Fulton,

Murray, James-

Nutter, Dell- Nutter, Adelbert – wife is Rosa Ella Strout. Child, Forrest B Nutter, died of scalding in October 1886. Daughter, Helena Bella Nutter.

Rogers, Cora

Rundlett, James “Jim”

Safford, Howard W, dealer of oil and lawyer (1900 census)

Shaw, Douglas- died Dec 1886

Shaw, Nancy- married to Douglas Shaw

Shaw, W. Mrs- died 1891

Silsby, Howard

Smyth , David


Straight, Jud

Straight, Isaac

Sylvester, Alden

Syphers, James H- physician and civil war veteran

Tapley, Jim

Tapley, Delbert “Birt”, son of John Tapley- married to Evelyn Emeline Servetta Fulton, daughter of James Wellington Fulton.

Tarr, Edward- Fred Blackden’s uncle

Tracy, Israel

Wilcox- trial in 1897 in Bristol NB

Wilson, william and wife Susan- married 20 years in 1886

Wing, Orin– 1856-1916, married to Deborah Fulton, daughter of James Wellington Fulton and Mary Ann York.

Wing, William

Worth, J- Cloverdale, NB
Wright, W F – Caribou

Yetten, Mr. , the sewing machine agent

York, Mrs George

12 Responses to Who’s Who in the Diaries

  1. GERALD HERSOM says:

    I was born in Easton, Maine in 1933 to Burrill and Marion Hersom and attended the Easton High School.

    • Roberta Williams says:

      I would like to correspond. I have/had family members who lived in Easton that you might have known. My family is from Westfield-I descend from Robert Fulton through his daughter Abigail and John Bartley. But the family members I was referring to are from another line of old “County” early settlers.
      Bertie Williams
      obnn9119 at yahoo

  2. GERALD HERSOM says:

    I am also a native of Aroostook County in Maine and now live in Georgetown, Maine.

  3. GERALD HERSOM says:

    I am a retired American Baptist Minister, having served in Maine, Ohio and West Virginia for 45 years. I would appreciate anyone corresponding by e-mail with me.

    Thank you.

    Rev. Gerald J. Hersom

  4. Roberta Williams says:

    Pastor Hersom:
    Robert Fulton was my gr gr gr grandfather through John Bartley and Abigail Fulton. My family is still in Westfield, I live in Mattawamkeag, ME I would be delighted to share information. Rodney shared his pictures etc with me several years ago and I am so glad this in on the net. My youngest siblings know very little about our family history because my dad died while they were very young and they live on the west coast. my email is
    obnn9119 at yahoo

  5. Sandrauer says:

    Alden Sylvester was a potato farmer, had sons Wilson, Fred, Rowe. My mother, Vella Dawn, is the youngest daughter of Fred Alden Sylvester.

  6. Janet Goode says:

    Sherman A. Tapley (b.1890) was a farmer in Blaine, uncle to Bert Tapley. My mother was Evelyn Tapley daughter of Sherman and Georgia (Harris) Tapley. Sherman’s brother was Howard Tapley and my great uncle. I wish to learn more about my g-g-grandfather Sherman Tapley who emigrated from New Brunswick, CA with his young family in 1847.

  7. Maude sylvester is my aunt . Her brother Vaughn Ray Sylvester born Mars Hill 1889 September 1st. Father Edgar Sylvester Mother Lydia Haskell. Vaughn has 5 children Shirley Vaughn Sylvester Small, Debra Ray Sylvester, David Vaughn Sylvester, Dale Jean Sylvester, and Lori Lynn Sylvester. He Married Kathleen May Wilcox Adams in Soco Maine in 1952.

  8. Judi Brooks says:

    My grandfather was Don Carroll Sylvester. He and his family lived in Westfield. His daughter Edna is my mother and has passed away. Can’t find out much about my grandfather.

    • Bertie Williams says:

      Thomas Bartley was also the father of John Bartley-Bartley brother married Fulton Sister and Fulton Brother md Bartley Sister. Havelock is my Gr grandfather- Im a Bartley and live in Lincoln Maine. Cousin Rodney still lives in the Shadow of Mars Hill and does the Fulton side of the Family. My Gram Bartley-a Westfield Chase- married to eldest son[ Henry Ear]l of Hav & Ethel, did our Bartley line.She started training me for her job early. I live in Lincoln ME now.

  9. Bertie Williams says:

    Is there anyone out there who has done the Fulton line in Canada/Nova Scotia to the emigrant? Rumor is going around that our emigrant ancestor in Pictou NS was/is the Grandson of the famous farmer of 1698/9 “Londonderry Seige” named James. The surname Fulton was given [In Northern Ireland surnames were not used for common men in 1600s] to the family because he was the only farmer; of many; contracted to provide supplies each night, that actually delivered a full ton of supplies to the town- each time- during the seige. Other suppliers sold short weight loads.
    Bertie Williams

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