Photo: Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson Blackden

Lydia Cookson was born on 18 Mar 1835 on Greenfield, Penobscot, Maine, the daughter of Abram Cookson and Sybil Witheum. Her brother Asa Cookson lived in the area until his death in 1918. 

On 06 Oct 1851 she married Napoleon Bonapart Blackden. Together they had 7 children:

Rachel M Blackden
Arvilla Frances Blackden
Owen Erastis Blackden
Lillian Rosilla?laversa Blackden
George “Frank” Blackden
Fred Allen Blackden
Irene “Rena” Kelly Blackden

The family lived for many years in Etna Maine. By 1880, they had moved to Mars Hill, Maine.

Lydia died on 01 Aug 1920.

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Photo: B F Pierce (Benjamin Franklin) and Maude Sylvester

Maude Sylvester and BF Pierce (Sylvan)

B F Pierce and Maude Sylvester Benjamin Franklin Pierce b. May 1856- d. 26 Aug 1945.

1900: Mars Hill. Occupation: Dealer of General Merchandise.

Married to Nellie Jewell

Children: Elmer Pierce Lula Pierce (wife of Rue Thomas Snow and 2nd wife of Oliver Own Blackden)

B F Pierce married Maude Sylvester, daughter of Egar Sylvester and Lydia Haskell about 1891.

Children: Bessie Pierce Nettie Pierce Zella Pierce C Hume Pierce (1902-1963) Photo credit: Sylvan Collection

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Photo : Rachel Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Alden and Rachel Blackden Sylvester

Rachel M Blackden and Alden Sylvester

Rachel Blackden Sylvester was the eldest child of Napoleon Bonapart Blackden and Lydia Cookson.  She was born 13 Mar 1854 in Etna Maine. She married Alden Sylvester, son of Ansel Sylvester and Louisa Torrey,  on 07 Apr 1872 .


Florence Sylvester
Herbert Sylvester
Fred Alton Sylvester
Arthur Clayton Sylvester
Alice L Sylvester
Lena Sylvester
Don Carroll Sylvester
Pearl Sylvester
Ivda Sylvester
Lillian Sylvester

(photo credit: Sylvan Collection)

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Ladies Aid Society Friendship Quilt- 1897 with index of names

1897 Redwork Quilt- Ladies Aid Society

1897 Redwork Quilt- Ladies Aid Society

A 1897 Redwork Friendship quilt was found in Arizona at a local Goodwill store in the summer of 2012 that originated in Mars Hill and Blaine Maine. The finder contacted me, shared photos and was willing to sell it to me since it has connections to Aroostook County- the home of many of my ancestors.  Some of the same family names on the quilt are also mentioned in the Robert Fulton’s Diaries.

As I research each name, I will add information  about those who signed the quilt. Please contact me if you have new information or photos about any of the 61 quilters.

Update: The quilt has returned to its original home and is now owned by the Central Aroostook Historical Society.

Row *1

Mrs. B A Jones, Houlton, Maine (Robinson)

Mrs. Ella Safford, Leadville, Colo.


Amy Banks, Leadville, Colo.

Mollie L Shaw, Lowell Mass.

Annie R Jones, Houlton, Maine

Melissa B Rhodes, Mars Hill, Me.


Sarah S McCrea, Blaine Me.

Nellie Shaw, Lowell, Mass. Loring St.

Helen Kennedy, Presque Isle, Me.

Maggie York B, Mars Hill, Maine Ladies Aid, Feb 23, 1897

Mabel E Lewin, Benton Car. Co. N.B.

Mrs. Jane York, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 2 1897

Mrs. Jennie Dilling, Mars Hill, Maine


Mrs. James Gilman, Mars Hill, Me. LAS

 Mrs. Lizzie York, Mars Hill, Maine, Ladies Aid  

Ethel Banks, Mars Hill, Maine, LAS, Feb 23, 1897

Ida E Cogswell, Centreville, N.B. March 19, 1897 WCTU

Mary E Ross, Bridgewater, Maine, Mar 19, 1897

Anna Luce, Mars Hill, 74 years, Maine

Laura Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine


Cora L Rhodes, LAS, Mars Hill, Maine

Edith E Riley, Mars Hill Maine, Mar 17, 1987, Ladies Aid Society

Jessie Smart, Oakfield, Me.

Mrs. E S Fulton, Blaine Maine

Isabella L Bricknell, West Glassville, Carleton co. N.B. LAS

Mrs. Mary Banks, Mars Hill, Mar. 10, 1897

Mrs. J H Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine


Ethel L Beckwith, #1 Rockdale Ave , Lowell, Mass.

Mrs. Ada  Davies, Leadville , Colo

Olivia A Snow, Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. C C Sanford, Bridgewater, Maine

Mrs. C H Cox, Blaine, Me.

Mrs John L Bricknell , Mars Hill Maine, Aroostook County, LAS

Susie Blanchard, Mars Hill, Maine


Mrs. E H Tarr, Mars Hill Maine

Mrs. R W Lowell Blaine, Me.

Tina M Blanchard. Mars Hill, Maine

Maud Blanchard Mars Hill, Maine

Annie Small Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. Robert Hunter Mars Hill, Me. Mar 16, 1897, WCTU, YBS

Sarah E. Hurd


Mrs. F E Clough Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. Mame Lowell Blaine, Maine

Alice Reidiker Mars Hill Maine Mar 17 97, WCTU, YBS

Miss Effie L Shaw Mars Hill, Maine

S E  Safford Mars Hill, Maine

Alwilda R Langley Mars Hill, Maine

Augusta L Dudley Easton, Me.


Lucy  Tompkins Blaine

Hattie Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. J A Finnemore Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. Albert White, Mars Hill, Maine

Dora Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Winnie E Luce, Mars Hill, Maine

H J Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine




M A Gilman

Maggie A York, Mars Hill, Maine

Mrs. Barbara Collins, Mars Hill, Me.

Miss Rose L Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine

Ruby Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Information about Signature Quilts:

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1897 Quilt: Rose L Shaw

Rose L Shaw, Mars Hill, Maine

Rose Lenora Shaw was born 1878, daughter of James Shaw and Sarah Dustin.

Rose Shaw married Jesse Franklin Shaw on 8 Nov. 1899. ( b. 18 Dec 1876, son of Elisha Shaw and Eunice Robinson)


Amy Marion Randall Shaw b. 17 Nov 1900 in Easton
Volney Shaw b. 30 May 1902
Percy Shaw b. 20 Sep 1904

1900 Census: Easton Maine
1910 Census:  Westfield, Maine
1920 Census: Easton, Maine
1930 Census: Easton, Maine.

Rose Shaw Shaw died on 17 Jan 1938 and is buried in Easton Maine.  Jesse remarried to Lillian Adams (widow of John Bean)  and was living in Presque Isle in 1940.

1897 Rose L Shaw

1897 Rose L Shaw

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1897 Quilt: Ruby Bridges / Ruby Brown / Ruby Dolloff

Ruby Bridges, Mars Hill, Maine

Ruby Bridges, born August 1879, daughter of Joshua Reuben Bridges and Hannah Wood.

Ruby married Albert Brown,  in 1898 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts.

Albert died in 1905 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. Ruby remarried  Albert Thurston Dolloff in 19 Apr 1911.

She died 15 Sep 1971 and is buried in Groveland, MA.

1897 Ruby Bridges

1897 Ruby Bridges

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1897 Quilt: Annie R Jones (later MacKay)

Annie R Jones, Houlton, Maine

Annie R Jones, b. May 1876, daughter of  Benjamin F Jones and Belinda Robinson b. Jan 1850.

1880, the family lived in Blaine Maine.

1900, Belinda was a widow living as head of household with daughters Annie R Jones and Edith P Jones, b. Feb 1884 in Houlton, Maine.  Belinda also was mother of Frank W Jones, husband of Lillian Jones.

On 1 September 1906, Annie married George W. MacKay in Lynn Massachusetts.  George was a dentist and the couple lived in Millinocket Maine with their son Robert G MacKay



1897 Annie Jones

1897 Annie Jones

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