Photo: Dr. James Houlton Syphers


Civil War Solider and physician from Mars Hill Maine- James H Syhpers.

James Houlton Syphers married Lucy York on 13 Jul 1861 in Houlton, Maine.  They had 5 children – Inez Izora, Albion Lionel, Harry James, Lydia Ann, and LeRoi Scott Syphers. (BCMiller)

James was listed as a farmer in the 1870 Census for Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine, where he lived with his wife and children.  In 1880 Census he is listed as a physician living in Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine.  Then in the 1900 and 1910 Census, he is listed as a physician in Portland, Cumberland, Maine.  He is also listed in the city directory of Portland for 1906 as lists him as a City Officer on the Board of Health.  The city directory lists him from years of 1890 to 1907 as a physician.

His Civil War history shows he fought for the Union with his brothers, Ansel and Albion.  He began his military career as a Private or a Corporal-  in the 7th Maine Infantry, 7th Regiment, Company A.  He enlisted on 24 Feb 1864 in Houlton Maine.  He later was transferred to Company H, 1st Vet Infantry Regiment Maine on 21 Aug 1864.  He was Discharged from the Infantry on 22 may 1865 Ranking out of the military as a Corporal.

Note from Blackden/Fulton photo album: (Aunt Edith- – (I think) wrote on this next to the picture above:  “the doctor who brought your mother (Edith- born 1888) into this world which was a mean trick and she doesn’t like him just for that.”

James H Syphers died October 25th, 1915 in Portland Maine. Age: 77 years

[His wife, Lucy York Syphers, was a sister to Mary Ann York Fulton. Mary Ann Fulton was the wife of James W Fulton, son of Robert Fulton.]

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4 Responses to Photo: Dr. James Houlton Syphers

  1. Damon Syphers says:


    I was googling some information on my great great grandfather Dr. James H. Syphers (he was my maternal grandmother’s grandfather). I came across your picture of him. Yes, I can confirm that this picture is of he. Where did you find it? I saw the same picture in one of my great aunt’s house a long time ago as a child.

    Damon Syphers

    • Joyce Wilson says:

      The picture of Dr. James Syphers was in a family album owned by my mother’s sister, Edythe Blackden Hawksley Harris and the album was loaned to me by a grandson of Aunt Edythe. My mother Corene Ada Blackden Flewelling was a granddaughter of Robert Fulton. When we were finished with the album, it was returned to our second cousin.

      Joyce Flewelling Wilson
      winter e-mail as shown above

  2. Traci Moulton says:

    Dear Damon: I found out from a very reliable source {My son, Jonathan} that the uniform our Great Great Grandfather donned in this photograph is actually “A Knights of Templar” outfit. He then went on to tell me some interesting facts on this “lodge.” They were a most powerful group that intimidated the Catholics by their strength in numbers. Look it up and you will be captivated.

  3. Dale Syphers says:

    Thank you for posting the picture of my great great grandfather. I’ve never seen one of him before. He got his medical degree (not quite the same thing as medical degrees of today by the way) from the Bowdoin College Medical School. I have a copy of some documents concerning his medical degree from the archives there. He practiced in Mars Hill for a while, then moved to South Portland where he continued practice. I believe he played some role in establishing a hospital in the area around Mars Hill before leaving, but family lore on that is a bit hazy.

    If you have a high resolution scan of the picture, I would appreciate receiving a copy.


    Dale A. Syphers

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