Almeda Dorothy Fulton and Richard Levarah Bell

Dolly (Fulton) Bell was the 10th born child of Robert and Martha (Jones) Fulton, being born on July 23, 1859, in Wicklow, N.B. Dolly married Richard L. Bell November 14,1878 at Mars Hill with Justice of the Peace, Henry Wilson officiating.

R.L. Bell was a potato farmer and homesteaded the area above Kings Grove called Bell Hill. He lost his left arm below the elbow in a thrashing machine accident and used a hook for a hand. Most of the family did not know what his middle name was since he always went by Richard L. and claimed the ‘L’ stood for Leanpig.
Richard & Dolly would have 10 children: Thomas Colby, LeRoy, James Urban, Aida, Rosella, Phoebe Ann, Una Esther, Eugene Hale, William Henry, Clarence Dewey and Raymond Leslie.

Richard died April 20, 1930 and Dolly died July 20, 1938. Both are buried at Kings Grove Cemetery in Mars Hill.

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