Napoleon Bonapart Blackden

July 4, 1897
According to the Blackden Family Tree, Napoleon Bonnapart Blackden died of Cerebral Apoplexy, July 4, 1897. Mr. Blackden’s
death occurred while Fred Blackden was in New Brunswick on a fishing and business venture. It is evident that Fred would not
receive word of his father’s death following his return home. His time being spent working for Wilcox and raising the York barn.
Robert would have certainly mentioned Mr. Blackden’s passing in his diary if the word had reached the Fulton place.
Owen was born August 12, 1858 in Etna, Maine. When he was fifteen, he bought his time from his father, Napoleon, and began
to learn the Blacksmith trade. At age 29, he managed the LancyHouse in Pittsfield, Me. He would later own the Exchange Hotel
in Dexter where he provided the last days for his aging father. Owen managed the Presque Isle House in Presque Isle around
1913 to 1924. He also owned the Vaughn House in Caribou for about 20 years. This was a very popular hotel with 80 rooms. He
was an active Mason, very well known and often referred to as simply, “Pop.” Owen was married to Ada Carolyn Cleveland who would die in a car accident in N.B., Sept. 25, 1916. Owen died in Caribou, Maine, July 3, 1940 and is buried in Dexter, Maine.

[Rodney F.]

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2 Responses to Napoleon Bonapart Blackden

  1. Wendy Hawksley says:

    Splendid! This is my husband’s ancestor. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Sheila says:

    This is also an ancestor in my family tree as he was married to a Cookson.

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