Forrest Burton Fulton

Forest Burton Fulton was the firstborn of Harden and Annie (Bartley) Fulton, being born January 28, 1887. R.M.Fulton
called him ‘Little Forra.’Forest took sick during the late summer and fall of 1893. Typhoid Fever was the epidemic of that period. Forra’s death was a terrible blow to the Fulton family but must have been welcomed because of the extreme sickness that came with this disease. As indicated by the diary of 1893, Forra died Dec. 01, 1893 and was buried just two days later. At that time, Kings Grove was referred to as the Fossey Cemetery. The James Fossey house situated at the entrance. Able bodied men would chip away at the frozen ground to make way for the pine casket which would rest Forra’s tiny body.

On Monday, May 31, 1897, Robert M. Fulton placed flowers on a Forra’s grave not knowing that he would be laid beside him within just a few weeks.

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