Alfred Gillen and Mary Hutchinson

Alfred L. Gillen, known by all who knew   him  as ‘Alf’  Gillen,
was the son  of  Joseph Gillen  who  moved  here  from Nova
Scotia.   Joseph settled on the East Ridge with his family and
engaged in farming.
On  November 7, 1891,  Alf  married  Mary  E. Hutchinson, the
daughter of Mr. &  Mrs. Arthur  Hutchinson  who lived  on  the
U.S.- Canadian Border at the North end of Mars Hill Mountain.
After living in Easton for a short period of time,  Alf  and  Mary
moved back to East Ridge and bought the property that is now
owned by Harley York, just  South  of  the  East  Ridge  Baptist
Alf and Mary would have no children of  their  own  but found
great joy in raising Mary’s  niece from a young child to  adult-
hood.  After many years of farming, they retired to a small lot
located on Benjamin Street in Mars Hill.
In November of 1951, the Gillen’s  celebrated  their  60th  year
of marriage. Open house was held in the afternoon & evening.
Miss Ruby Hutchinson cut and served an anniversary cake and
Mrs. Hudson  Hutchinson had charge of the guest book.    Over
100 guests called to extend congratulatory wishes.
Alf Gillen was a neighbor and friend of the  Fulton  family  for
many years.  He farmed for 50 years until his retirement in the
summer of 1947.

Mary  Elizabeth  Hutchinson  was the daughter of Arthur
and Louise  Hutchinson.     She was one of 10  children.
Her siblings were Sycha, Orpha, Annie, George, James,
Matthew, Helen, Hudson and Hubert.
The Hutchinson family lived  North  of  the  Fulton home-
stead  near  the  Roger  Hawksley place  situated on  the
U.S. – Canadian border.      The old well is boarded over
but remains as a reminder of it’s use over 100 years ago.

It is most likely that Mary and  her siblings  would  have
hiked down over the hill and across the brook to attend
school at the old  log school house that was referred  to
as the R.M. Fulton School, District # 7.

It is not known by me as to  how  Mary Elizabeth met Alf
Gillen but the probable  meeting   would  be  during  the
barn  raisings’  and  sociables  of the area called  the
Island. They were married in the Hutchinson home.

When Alf and Mary Gillen retired, they moved in town
and lived on Benjamin Street. As a child, I would have
walked to school and passed by their home many times.
How I wish that I would have been able to sit with them
and learn first hand about Robert M. Fulton whom they
knew and visited many times. (Rod Fulton)

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1 Response to Alfred Gillen and Mary Hutchinson

  1. Aliss says:

    I was wondering if you had any more information on Joseph Gillen. My grandmother was Pauline Gartley, originally a Gillen, and her father’s name was Joseph Howard Gillen from Digby, Nova Scotia who married Elizabeth Curtis, but I don’t have any record from her that she had a brother named Alfred. I am working on my family history, and was able to spend some treasured time with my grandmother learning about her family, but I didn’t realize how much I would need her once I really got started. I thank you so much for your time and any information you may have available that you are willing to share!
    Aliss MacGougan

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