Photo: Ethel May Fulton Kunerth Miller

ethel fulton
Ethel May Fulton, daughter of Ephraim Jones Fulton and Louisa Webster.
Born 17 Jan 1877. Died 10 Dec 1959.

Married Charles D Kunerth on 28 Jun 1899 Crow Wing, Minnesota, USA.

Children:Karl F Kunerth (1901-1986), IrwinM Kunerth (1904-1984)

She divorced Charles Kunerth and worked as a principal. She worked at the Riverside Women’s Reformatory in Rutland Vermont in the 1940’s and 1950’s and Christ the King School in the 1950s .

She married Edward Miller .

Edward, Ethel and her sister Edith are all buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Hamburg, Erie, New York, USA.

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1 Response to Photo: Ethel May Fulton Kunerth Miller

  1. Karen Bunge says:

    Ethel May Fulton Kunerth was my great grandmother. Karl Kunerth was my grandfather. As I understand it, she divorced Charles D. Kunerth, became a high school principal, and married a steel salesman named Miller. She was living with Irwin Kunerth in Grosse Pointe, Michigan when she passed about the time I was in grade school in the 1950’s sometime. There was an article in the Detroit News about her when she turned 80. There was a picture of her with me, my brother, and 2 of my sisters. We are the children of Corinne Edith Kunerth who married William H. Beeby. Ethel had 2 sisters, as I remember, who never married. Mabel who was an artist. My mom had one of her pictures and Edith, who was a buyer for a department store.

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