December 1895

1 Sun
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. We was home the most of the day. Signs of a storm all day and still looks very stormy at bedtime or at nine o’clock in the evening. Birt Tapley and wife was here to dinner and stayed till about four o’clock. They heard that Alzena Giberson had got a good deal worse than she was. Fred and wife and Birt and wife went up to see her. The doctor was sent for. She had fits and her case is doubtful.

2 Mon
It snowed a little in the night but it commencd to rain about sunrise mixed with a fine snow from the southeast quite cold but the men kept on thrashing till noon and it rained so heavy that they had to give it up. The ground was all afloat you might say. The water came in the cellar again tonight. I am afraid it will spoil some of the potatoes. It still looks very much like rain.

3 Tue
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Several little flurries of snow today. Harden and Fred had the
Mahan boys all day thrashing all through what snow there was but did not get done. They shifted the machine this evening with the hose heads this way to the south. They will try and finish pretty early tomorrow if possible. Harden and Fred paid me the 12 bushels of oats today they got from me in the fall. The stove pipe burnt out this evening.

4 Wed
Clear and cold with a NW wind. L.H. Fulton and F.A. Blackden had a nice day to finish up their thrashing today. They got done just at dark and moved their machine after supper down to Harvey Everitts. Elijah Giberson was with the men in the barn awhile at Harvey Everitt’s. P.S. I had my part of the oats taken out today, 32 bushels.

5 Thu
Cold with a NE snow this morning. It snowed a little all day but did not amount to much. F.A. Blackden drove out to Blaine today with a single wagon and brought home a barrel of flour and some other stuff. A mistake, not to Blaine but to Mars Hill, to York’s and Luce’s, to get his flour. It is still snowing at bedtime.

6 Fri
It is still snowing this morning and blowing from the NW very heavy all day and drifted. It was not fit to do anything out of doors so we kept in the house the most of the day. There was very little moving on the road today.

7 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. We was home the most of the day. It was very stormy looking all day and commenced to snow about five o’clock in the evening. It needs some to make sledding as what came yesterday blowed the most of it off the road. Fred was hauling two loads of wood today. One for Stephen Giberson and one for himself and cut some up to do over Sunday.

8 Sun
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind and snowed and blew heavy all day. F.A. Blackden was called up in the night by Stephen Giberson to go for the doctor for his daughter to Blaine and got home about three o’clock. L.H. Fulton had to go for him again this afternoon. Mrs. Richard Bell and son, LeRoy, was hear this afternoon to tea and stayed till about seven o’clock.

9 Mon
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Very cold with signs of a storm. F.A. Blackden hauled some wood here and some for Stephen Giberson to assist him in their sickness. Myself and wife went there today two or three hours. Fred went over tonight to his father’s to see how he was, as he has been poorly for some time. J.W. Fulton called in this evening awhile.

[ Stephen Orser Giberson Born Oct. 12, 1835 in Bath, N.B. The son of William Giberson Born 1812 in Bath – Died 1887 Temperance (Kinney) Born Dec. 19, 1811 in Bristol, N.B.
Stephen Married Georgianna Bishop on August 20, 1860. She was born June, 1835 in Bairdsville, N.B. ]

10 Tue
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Great signs of a threatened storm of snow or rain soon. F.A. Blackden got home today at noon from West Ridge. His uncle, Ed. Tar, was here to dinner and took away his bee hive with him. J.W. Fulton was here a little while this evening and Stephen Giberson came in about nine o’clock for Mrs. Blackden to go and sit up with his sick daughter tonight.

11 Wed
R. M Jones was here (written at top of page)
Cloudy and cold with a NE wind. Signs of a storm. F.A. Blackden took out to York and Luce today a load of 24 bushels of oats. Robert M. Jones, from Knoxford, was here to tea this evening on his way home. Harden and Fred sold two sheep tonight to Cole Wilcox.

12 Thu
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. A very cold wind all day. Fred cut up across the brook in the fournoon and I was helping Harden to mend his horse reins. Then Harden and Fred helped me in the afternoon to kill and dress forty pounds of poultry, 16 hens and chickens. We begun after one o’clock and got done sometime before night. Perry O. Cox was here to supper.

13 Fri
Clear and cold with a SW wind. Myself and Harden drove out to Blaine this morning. I took out 40 lbs of poultry and some eggs. I traded some with York & Luce and some with Stitham and some with W. Young. We drove down to W.W. Larrabee’s and took dinner and stopped at Dr. A.J. Fulton’s. George Lindsey was here today to dinner.

14 Sat
Clear and cold with a SW wind. We was home all day. Harden and Fred was chopping and hauling wood all day. Fred hauled one load up to Stephen Giberson’s. Clear and cold tonight. So ends the day and ends the week.

15 Sun
Clear and cold with a west wind. We was home all day. F.A. Blackden and wife went down to Richard Bell’s in the afternoon. Benjiman Wiggins called in today and talked awhile and Birt Tapley was in. Mrs. Stephen Giberson was here on an errand.

16 Mon
Clear and cold with a NW wind. We was home all day. I was cobbling all day for F.A. Blackden’s boy and L.H. Fulton’s boy and choring. Fred was hauling wood from the woods and chopping wood at the door all day making ready to go away on the morrow over to James Rundlett’s to help him to get up wood a day or two.

Note: Grandfather Robert was making his grandchildren a pair of ‘moggys’ for Christmas. Moggys was usually made with sheep hide. The soft fleece inside the moggy made for much warmth and comfort. Christmas is only a few days away.

17 Tue
Clear and cold with a NW wind. F.A. Blackden took Leon and started over to James Rundlett’s this morning about half after five to haul wood a couple of days. Leroy Bell came this afternoon to do the chores for Fred. L.H. Fulton took Straight’s sheep home this afternoon. Signs of a storm soon.

18 Wed
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. We was home all day. It snowed a little in the night and rained a little today. It looked stormy all day but not enough to amount to anything. Frank Larrabee came here this afternoon. Fred got home tonight from West Ridge. It snowed some this evening.
Note: Roy was the 3rd generation to inherit the Bell Farm. On his death, his two sons, Allen & Austin took over the farm. Allen inherited the North side of the road and Austin inherited the South side. (Photo 1950)

19 Thu
Cloudy and cold with a SW wind. Signs of a storm all day. F.A. Blackden drove us down to R.L. Bell’s this morning with horse and sled. We stayed there that day. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves nice. The weather very nice and the snow going very fast that day.

20 Fri
Cold and cloudy with a SE wind and very foggy all day. The snow going off very fast. We are at R.L. Bell’s. We was at the same place enjoying ourselves nice on our visit.

21 Sat
Saturday was a dull and cloudy day with a cold SE wind. The snow still going off very fast. I walked down the hill to Robert McKelvery’s in the fournoon and was there till most of the night. Robert McKelvery brought me up to R.L. Bell’s with his horse and wagon at night.

Note: Grandfather, desiring to have some time of quiet, would bundle up and walk from the top of Bell Hill down to the McKelvery place, where his daughter, Adaline was living with her new husband and family. The walk was slow but peaceful and his thoughts, no doubt, lingered as he passed the Fossey Cemetery (Now known as Kings Grove Cemetery). Perhaps he stopped by the graveside of his grandson, Forest Burton Fulton. Within two years, Robert would be buried beside him.

22 Sun
Sunday was a very dull and cloudy day all the fournoon with a SE wind. In the afternoon, it began to rain and rained very heavy and the snow still going off very fast. R.L. Bell and his two boys and his two girls went out to the hall to Sabbath School and to meeting. We had quite a sing in the evening.

Note: The four children would have been. LeRoy (age 14), Urbie (age 11), Alda Rosella (age 10) and Phoebe Ann (age ‘8)

23 Mon
Cold and cloudy with a SE wind in the fournoon and in the afternoon the wind came around to the northwest and the sun came out quite warm. We went down to Robert McKelvery’s tonight and had a good pleasant time of it.

24 Tue
Tuesday, the 24th, we was down to Robert McKelvery’s. Quite cold this morning. It snowed about two inches in the night but cleared off quite pleasant in the afternoon. We was enjoying ourselves nicely.

Dec 25, 1895 Diary Page

Dec 25, 1895 Diary Page

25 Wed
Wednesday was a nice day but quite cool with a NW wind. One of Robert McKelvery’s boys was taking us up to R.L. Bell’s in the evening after tea. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves nice.

26 Thu
Thursday was a cold and cloudy day all day and looked like a storm all day. A heavy SE wind. We was at R.L. Bell’s all day.

27 Fri
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind and rain began in the night and rained and blew almost a gale till about one o’clock and it cleared up a little and we rigged up two wagons and R.L. Bell come and
brought us up home and found all well.

28 Sat
Cloudy and dull all day and cloudy and stormy all day. L.H. Fulton and F.A. Blackden was away all day helping Charles McPherson making sleepers. (Railroad ties)

29 Sun
Mostly clear and quite cold this morning. Myself and wife went up to L.H. Fulton’s in the afternoon and to Stephen Giberson’s. We took tea at Harden’s. F.A. blackden went out to Blaine today to see Charles Chandler on some business. Harden had to kill one of his horses tonight.

30 Mon
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. We was home all day choring and working to please our folks the best we could. It was very foggy all the fournoon and looked very much like a storm and still looks like a storm at bedtime.

RM Diary End of 1895

RM Diary End of 1895

31 Tue
Cold with a SE rain commencing in the night and rained about three fourths of the day and very windy. About one o’clock the wind came around to the NW and the sun shone out part of the time. L.H. Fulton and F.A. Blackden went out to Mars Hill Village this afternoon. The ground about all bare and so little frost that you could have ploughed if you was a mind to try.

So ends 1895

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