November 1886

1 Mon
Clear and warm with a North wind. Very pleasant. Harden was plowing all day and I was banking the house. James Craig, John Elkins and J.W. Fulton was here today. The weather is clear and warm this evening.

2 Tue
Cloudy and warm with a SW wind. Myself and wife went over on West Ridge this morning to Mr. Blackden’s on a visit. We had a splendid time. Came home tonight and heard that Dell Nutter’s child was dead. William Wing was here to notify for the funeral. James Craig was here today.
3 Wed
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. Harden went to Aaron’s after Stella this morning to go to Dell Nutter’s to baby funeral. I was choring and plowing. Lincoln Shanes, James Collins and wife,James Kearney here today. Lincoln Shanes took Stella out to Aaron’s. Very foggy and rainy looking tonight.

4 Thu
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind in the forenoon. Some rain. We was plowing part of the day. Thrashed some buckwheat. Wind came round in the afternoon and cleared off from the NW quite cold. James Murray and J.W. Fulton here today.

5 Fri
Clear and cold with a SE wind. Froze quite hard. I was thrashing buckwheat all day. Harden was plowing till two o’clock and then he started to Houlton to get naturalized. Alice came here tonight with her children. Signs of a storm tonight.

6 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. Me and Perry was plowing. Harden was away to Houlton. Alice and children was here.They went to Mahan’s with her mother in the afternoon.
7 Sun
Cold with a SE rain storm and very heavy wind. I wrote a letter to Ephraim. Harden got home today from Houlton. Alice and children here tonight.

8 Mon
Cloudy and cold with a SW wind and a very hard freeze. Alice and children went home today on buckboard. Sent a letter to Ephraim.I saw Hume today. Aaron’s wife brought Stella home today.I called at Bell’s to see a yearling bull. I spoke to Blanchard about sawing our logs. I called to Safford’s and got some oil.

9 Tue
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. We was cleaning up buckwheat and hauling out manure. John Elkins was here today. I was mending his lantern and teapot.

10 Wed
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. We plowed some and hauled up a load of hay for Mr. Straight. Nash McCormick, T.H. More, the peddler, Mr. Straight and B.B. Blanchard from Presque Isle, the steam cooker man and J.W. Fulton. Some signs of rain tonight.

11 Thu
Cloudy and cool with a SW wind. Harden was plowing all day. I went to the Mill with the mare and buckboard. I went Chandler’s Mill, called to J. Ramsay’s and paid him 35 cts that I owed him. Called to J. Hersom’s, to Aaron’s, to Larrabee’s and got dinner. Called to Collin’s store, to H.W. Safford’s. J.W. Dyer here today. Took Safford’s oil can home and paid him 25 cts today.

12 Fri
Cloudy and cool with a NW wind. Snow squalls all day. The ground was quite white which reminded us of the coming winter. Harden was plowing till 4 o’clock PM. Then he went down to Richard Bell’s to load up a bull, one year and half old. Stella got a letter today from Don McDonald in Dakota. Mathias McDonald was here this evening. So ends the day.

13 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a SW wind. Commenced snowing lightly in the morning and snowed all day and all night. Myself and wife drove out to Aaron’s to help butcher his hog. Killed the hog and took our dinners. Then I drove to the office and called to Larrabee’s. Came up to Bell’s and stopped all night. D.L. Nutter was here today. Harden finished plowing today, Saturday, Nov. 13, 1886.

14 Sun
Cold with a NW snow this morning. We drove home in our carriage this morning. Traveling very heavy in the two days and nights.Near twelve inches of snow fell and quite cold and blustery.J. Kearney and Jud Straight was here today.

15 Mon
Cloudy and cold with a West wind. Me and James drove down to Chandler’s Mill for my grist and Jim’s. I called in to Joneses and got Harden a pair of Larigens. Called to Larrabee’s and got our dinners. Called to Aaron’s and got 17 lbs of pork in a bag. Bought 9 1/4 lbs of beef from Nash McCormick. Got home by nine o’clock.

16 Tue
Clear and cold with a NW wind. I was thrashing beans today and Harden was helping R. Bell to thrash. He came home tonight. Stella and Perry went to the Pie Sociable tonight. Some signs of a storm.

17 Wed
Cloudy and cold with a SW wind. We broke out stack of hay this morning for to take a load out to Aaron. I was thrashing and cleaning up beans. Harden brought home some lumber from the Blanchard Mill. Signs of a storm tonight.

18 Thu
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind and snow and rain all day and evening till bedtime. The wind changed to the NW. Harden went down to Bell’s to help him thrash today. Mathias McDonald here today.

19 Fri
Cloudy and cold with a SW wind. I was thrashing buckwheat today. Harden is away working for R. Bell. J.W. Fulton, Thomas H. More, the peddler, and a young White from Knoxford, N.B. came to borrow an axe and Mathias McDonald was all here today. There was some heavy snow squalls here today.

20 Sat
Some clouds but quite pleasant and warm for the season. I was thrashing buckwheat today. Harden came home from Bell’s tonight. J.W. Fulton here this evening. I wrote a letter to James E. Fulton of Houlton tonight.

21 Sun
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Signs of a storm. Myself and wife went up to Mr. Straight’s today. We called to Hutchinson’s on our way back. Stella was out to Delong’s to see Mary. Seth Smith was here this evening.

22 Mon
Some clouds and cold with a NW wind. There was a great many wild geese passed over for the South today. Harden was helping Jim this forenoon to haul wood. We killed a lot of fowls today and a sheep and dressed them ready for market.

23 Tue
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Signs of an approaching snow storm. Me and Stella went to Blaine this morning with a load of fowls and mutten. Got the mare shawed and sold my load out to Jones and others. I mailed a letter to James E. Fulton. Commenced snowing about noon.Snowed heavy in the afternoon and evening. I paid Nash McCormick $1.50 for Stella and came home. J. Murray, Mr. Straight and Judson Straight was here today. We finished hauling out our manure today.

24 Wed
Some clouds with a West wind. Harden hauled a load of a hay today for Mr. Straight and hauled three loads of wood. Mr. Straight was here today. The wind tonight is from the NW and very heavy and cloudy looking. Very much like a storm.

25 Thu
Some clouds with a SW wind. I went to Robinson Mill this morning with a grist. Got it ground and went to Bridgewater and went to Humes. Put up and fed at Charles Fulton’s. Got my dinner and called to Joshua’s. Started for home and called to Joneses. Got three tie chains, one dollars worth of sugar and called at Hussey’s, to Aaron’s at Smyth’s, at Larrabee’s. Brought Alice out. James Kearney was here today. It commenced snowing very heavy about dark tonight.

26 Fri
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Snowing some and drifting bad through the day. It snowed about four inches the previous night. Harden went to Mahan’s with Alice and brought her sheep. One ewe lamb here today and then he took Alice home. John Aheran and Hargrove was here today. J. Aheran came after Tinker’s cow but did not take her. Stella went out with Harden and Alice to go to Valey’s.

27 Sat
Cloudy and cool with a NW wind. I was thrashing buckwheat today. Harden went up to Straight’s and Hutchinson got some buckwheat.
John Elkins was here today. Signs of another storm.
28 Sun
Some clouds and cool with a SE wind. We was home all day. Richard Bell and wife and J. Murray was here to dinner today. Richard took his bee hive home with him. Signs of an approaching storm tonight.

29 Mon
Very cloudy and cool with a SE wind. Myself and Jim harnessed up this morning and drove to Bridgewater to get some money for our potatoes. Jim settled with Hume. I could not get my money. We fed the team at Joshua’s and took our dinner and drove home. Called
to Aaron’s and Larrabee’s and came home. Rained some and all appearance of more. John Aheran got the old cow today.

30 Tue
Cloudy and foggy

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