July 1886

1 Thurs
Clear and cold with a NW wind. We had Jim Helping us today cutting and weeding potatoes. Harden went down toCox’s in the morning to help him load his mill irons. Two of the Colbroth’s called here today. Some signs of rain.

2 Fri
Some clouds and warm with a West wind. I took Harden out this morning to the Red School House to go to Aaron’s to work on the road. I was weeding potatoes all day. Zeb Cox and A.J. Fulton and wife was here today. Weather very warm.

3 Sat
Some clouds with a SE wind. Some rain through the day and evening. Harden came home tonight from Aaron’s. Church’s Tannery in Bridgewater burnt this evening.

4 Sun
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Heavy thunder showers till late in the evening. Me and Perry drove over to John Lindsey’s and drove back. Put up at William Wilson’s out of heavy showers. Took dinner there. Zeb Cox here and Merty. I drove home about three o’clock. George Shaw and Joe Mullen and others stopped here to buy honey.

5 Mon
Warm and cloudy and very foggy with a SE wind. We was chopping in the forenoon. I was warning out the district in the afternoon to do the road work. John and Roger Hawksley was here this even ing. I paid over the balance of the School money I held in my hands $15.82 cts. I saw Larrabee, Murray and Lindsey at Jim’s.

6 Tues
Warm and foggy with a SE wind. We was weeding and hoeing potatoes all day. J.W. Fulton, CoraRogers, Zeb Cox and Roger Hawksley and Farnum was here today. Very heavy thunder and lightning in the night. More than the common. It was terrifying.

7 Wed
Quite clear and warm this forenoon with the wind from the West. We had Jim helping to hill up potatoes in the forenoon. After twelve o’clock we had a very heavy thunder and lightning and rain the most of the afternoon. Zeb Cox, Jud Straight and Cora Rogers here today. Old man Hawksley and Mrs. Jim Craig. The storm this afternoon done great damage to buildings in East Blaine and others places. The rain and thunder and lightning was terrible.

8 Thur
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Me and Harden went to Blaine this morning after the oxen. Took out 21 dozen of eggs. Called at Safford’s, called at Collin’s store, to Smyth’s, to Aaron’s, to Hussey’s, to Jones’, to Hewitt’s, and to Post Office. Got the oxen from Chandler and came home. Cora Rogers, J.W. Fulton and Mrs. Fred Hawksley here.

9 Fri
Mostly clear with a NW wind. We finished hoeing our potatoes with the horse hoe for the first time below the barn. I settled with Straight today. Mrs. Jim Craig, Fred Collins and his wife called here today. Some signs of rain.

10 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. We was hoeing potatoes in the forenoon. It commenced raining about two o’clock. Stella came home today from Larrabee’s with Jim.

11 Sun
Cloudy with a SE wind and some rain in the forenoon. The wind came round in the afternoon quite    cold. I was home all day. Eliphalet Jones and wife, A.J. Fulton and wife and Zeb Cox here today.

12 Mon
Clear with a NW wind. I was home all day hoeing potatoes. Harden took Stella over to Blackden’s    to her school this morning. Eliphalet Jones and wife left here this morning. Wife went up to Jim’s  with them till noon. Some fears of frost tonight.
13 Tue
Clear and cold with a NW wind. We commenced working on the roads today. I took my supper at Jim’s. Mrs. Syphers and Mrs. A.J. Fulton here today picking strawberries. They took dinner and supper here today.
14 Wed
Clear and warm with a SW wind. We was working on the road in the forenoon and hoeing potatoes in the afternoon. Dolly and Adaline was here today. Some appearance of rain.

15 Thu
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. We was hoeing potatoes till four o’clock. Then I went to Blaine    and got the sythe and pick fork from Jones and saw Stella at Aaron’s. I called to Collin’s Store and I called to Aaron’s. Zeb Cox here today and got his gum. Adaline Murray and daughter here tonight. Commenced raining this evening. I got Ermin’s ring from Ann Murray tonight.

16 Fri
Warm with a SE wind and very foggy and raining. I was home all day. Harden took out the    remainder of Aaron’s hay today that was in the Aheran barn. Adaline and Ann Murray left here this afternoon. John Hargrove and wife took dinner here today. Harden brought home a load of slabs today with the oxen. It still looks very rainy. Zeb Cox here today.

17 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a South wind. Signs of rain. Harden was chopping and I was hoeing    potatoes. It came on rain in the afternoon. Thomas Banks, Edward York and Mr. Houlton was here today also. It is still raining at bedtime.

18 Sun
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. I was home all day till six o’clock. Me and wife went up to Jim’s an hour or two. Harden and wife went to R. Bell’s. Zeb Cox and daughter was here today.

19 Mon
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. We was plastering our potatoes and underbrushing    today. Harden took our wool down to Bell’s to send to Carding Machine. Hatfield Delong and John Clough was here to see the colt.

20 Tue
Some clouds with a NW wind. We finished underbrushing our foller today. Quite showery. James Kearney here to dinner. Harden and Anna went to Jim’s after supper.

21 Wed
Clear and warm with a NW wind. We commenced our hay this morning. Harden was helping Jim to hoe potatoes this forenoon and helped us this afternoon. We hoed what there was below the barn and part of the other piece next to the road. I hoed a lot of beans and garden stuff.

22 Thu
Clear and cool with a NW wind. We was helping Jim to hoe potatoes 3/4 of the day. Finished hoeing all of ours this afternoon. John K. Tibbitts here today, an Apple Tree Agent from York County, Maine. The weather quite clear and cool tonight.

23 Fri
Clear and cool with a NW wind. I was hilling up our potatoes this forenoon. Harden was up helping Jim finish his. I went to Blaine and called at the Way Office, to Jones and got a pair of rubbers, called to Hussey’s and got 13 lbs of sugar. Drove to the Bank’s School House after Stella. From there to County Road and down County Road Factory after Stella and then home.

24 Sat
Some clouds with a cool NW wind. We finished hilling our potatoes today. Myself and wife went out to William Wilson’s this afternoon to the anniversary of their celebrating the twentieth year of their married life. We met with many friends and had a nice supper. Had a good time in    general. A.J. Fulton was here today.

25 Sun
Cloudy and warm with a NE wind. Some showers through the day. I took Stella out this afternoon    to Aaron’s to go up to her school. Samuel Fulton wife and daughter, Sarah Fulton and son, Len Bartley wife and child all from Knoxford, N.B. was here today. Signs of rain this evening.

26 Mon
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind and rain. We was fixing the bridge at Mahan’s in the morning.We mowed part of the day. Mullen came here this morning. Took my wife over to John Lindsey’s.    She stayed there tonight. The wind is still at the SE at bedtime. All signs of more rain. We see it lightening but no thunder.

27 Tue
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. I drove over to John Lindsey’s in the morning and got my wife. Called to Cyrus Shaw’s to see old Mrs. Barker. Saw Mr. McClintock and wife.Drove home after dinner. It commenced to rain and it rained very heavy all the afternoon. It still looks rainy at bedtime. J.W. Fulton here today.

28 Wed
Some clouds with a warm NW wind. Some signs of fair weather. I was home all day mowing.    Harden and Perry went to Knoxford after a heifer. Came home tonight. Mrs. Shaw and Mrs.McClintock was here today and James Kearney came after my wife to go over to Lindsey’s. They supposed Mary Ann was dying. Daniel Smyth called here today. He talked of selling out and moving away. Samuel Richardson and wife called here looking for cattle.

29 Thu
Clear and warm with a SW wind. I started over to John Lindsey’s this morning after my wife. She    stayed there all night. Her and Mrs. McDonald. Mary Ann was sick. Came home and went to mowing and raking hay. Hauled in five loads the first this season. Signs of rain. J. Kearney, Cora Rogers, Minnie Giberson and Mrs. Fred Hawksley here today. Signs of more rain. Heavy    thunder and lightening in the night.

30 Fri
Clear and warm with a NW wind. Harden was mowing and raking hay today. I went to Blaine with Jim and called to Howard Safford’s, to Collin’s store, to Jones, to Post Office at Blaine, to David Smyth’s shop and got buckboard fixed. Jim got his mare shawed. Took dinner at Will Larrabee’s and stopped to R. Bell’s and got supper. Then called to Allen Delong’s, then home. Jim came in the evening and got the buckboard to go for the doctor for Debba.

31 Sat
Clear and warm with NW wind. We was mowing and raking in hay today. We have ten loads in tonight.

So Ends the Month of July

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2 Responses to July 1886

  1. So interesting because I was born in Mars Hill and grew up there in the great depression of the 30’s. The names, Rogers, Giberson, Hawksley, Nutter, and Hussey were much in evidence at that time.

  2. Ellen Hay Bell says:

    It is so interesting to read the diary and realize how hard that farmer worked, but also, how large his social circle was and how much they depended upon each other.
    I was born in Washburn, brought up in Fort Kent and Presque Isle. My parents emigrated from New Brunswick to Maine in the early 1900’s. My dad, Bill Hay, worked all his life for the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad. Dr. Larabee in Washburn, probably a relative of the family in the diary, delivered me. I remember hearing about Gibersons and many of the other names mentioned.

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