June 1886

1 Tues
Clear and warm with a NW wind. J.W. Collins plowed our garden for us this forenoon and Perry planted five bushels of potatoes this afternoon. Zeb Cox here today. William H. Downs and Rundlett was here today to see about the churn. I paid him and they took their suppers here. George Stuard drove up today to see our sick mare. Stella went out to Aaron’s today with J. McPherson.

2 Wed
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. We was planting potatoes all day below the barn. J. Kearney, Zeb Cox and George Whitcome, the peddler, here today. Aaron came out and brought Stella home and helped to plant awhile. J.W. Fulton and Isaac McPherson was here today.

3 Thur
Cold with a SE rain storm. Home all day. We put our young cattle in Jameson’s pasture today. I made a bee hive today. Harden broke down some oat ground. Jim was here tonight.

4 Fri
Clear and cool with a West wind. I sowed 16 bushels of oats today. Finished sowing. Aaron was here and helped us to harrow in the afternoon. He took out a load of hay for himself after supper. Frank Brown, from Knoxford, was here. Hatfield Delong was here today. J.W. Fulton and Stinson Shaw.

5 Sat
Clear and cool with a SE wind. We finished planting potatoes below the barn today. Our bees swarmed today for the first. We was harrowing in oats. Mr. Bartley came here today. I was planting our beans in the garden today. H. Batchelder hived my bees for me today. Jim was here. Joe Mullin brought Mary Ann Lindsey here tonight. We had to send her home. J. Kearney here.

6 Sun
Clear and warm with a SE wind. I was home all day. Alice and her children was here. Jud Straight, Mr. Hartley, J.W. Fulton, Mrs. Fred Hawksley, Merty Cox and May Hutchinson was all here today. My second bee hive swarmed today and went back in the older hive along with the swarm that went in yesterday. Harden and Anna and her father went to H. Delong’s.

7 Mon
Clear and warm with a SE wind. We finished harrowing in our oats today. Planted our beans and garden seeds and onions. Mr. Bartley and Anna went home today. Larrabee and Stora Key was today with beef. Jim Murray was here with his horse today. Zeb Cox here. Jim paid ten dollars school money here tonight. Stella went out to Dell Nutter’s tonight. Signs of rain this afternoon.

8 Tues
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. I walked out to Silsbey’s and hired his oxen for two or three days. Harden went out and brought them in. We was harrowing for potatoes and planting beans and potatoes. A peddler called here this morning with specks to sell. He didn’t tell his name.

9 Wed
Some clouds with a NW wind. We had Silsbey’s cattle here hauling rocks on our buckwheat ground. I was making ready for planting Early Rose potatoes. There was a man that called here by the name of Thomson, an Irishman. He called himself a Doctor or part of one. Mrs. George Brown and Mary Hutchinson was here today. Stella went up to Straight’s today. Signs of rain tonight.

10 Thur
Cloudy and cold with a West wind. We was plowing buckwheat ground today and finished planting potatoes today. R. Bell and wife here today. J. Kearney, Arthur Hutchinson, Mrs. Fred Hawksley, Will Giberson and Zeb Cox and Watten, the peddler, came here tonight for his wool. This is a clear and cold night.

11 Fri
Clear and cold with a NW wind. We finished sowing our buckwheat today. Harden went home with the Silsbey cattle tonight and went on to R. Bell’s to get his horse to go to Knoxford for Anna. Watten left here this morning. We let him have 75 lbs of wool and paid him $13.35. Paid the bill up. Dr. Thomson was here again today. Dell Nutter got a pig today.

12 Sat
Clear and cold with a NW wind and heavy frost. Harden went to Knoxford this morning for Anna.Dolly went home with him. I finished harrowing in my buckwheat today. Stella went to Jim Collins on a visit this afternoon. My wife went to Lodge tonight. Jim was here to dinner and got a bushel of potatoes and bushel of oats. John Jamison here and got $1.25 cts worth of Early Rose potatoes on the pasturing. I wrote a letter to to got to New York to Dr. A. F. Evory.Ca.

[“The public who wish to use patent preparations to meet their specific ailments can find valuable ones in AF Evory & Co”]

13 Sun
Clear and cool with a NE wind. I was home all day. Harden and wife came from Knoxford this afternoon. Blackden came after Stella to commence school on West Ridge. Zeb Cox and Merty Cox was here today.

14 Mon
Clear and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. We built the yard round the barn today. James W. Collins was here and got a pig this evening. Jim’s wife was here today. My wife was up to Jim’s this afternoon.

15 Tues
Clear and cool with a SE wind. I went to Blaine this morning with the old mare and carriage. Got her shawed and mailed a letter to Ephraim and one to Bracket for Stella and one to Hill Gray and one to Dr. Evory of New York. Done some trading at Joneses and came home. Zeb Cox here. David Smyth was here with his stud this evening. Signs of rain tonight. Paid John Ramsay forty cents I owed him for leather.

16 Wed
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. Our third swarm of bees came out today. I finished up my second bee hive today. We commenced chopping our foller this afternoon. J.W. Fulton and Nell Mahan and Evelyn Fulton here. I went up to Giberson’s this morning and paid Mrs. Giberson four dollars and fifty three cts Lodge money.

17 Thur
Warm with a SE wind and some rain through the day and evening. Signs of more rain. James Kearney was here. We was to work fixing the cellar and underbrushing part of the day. Our fifth swarm of bees came out today. J.W. Fulton was here this morning.

18 Fri
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Very cold this evening. Signs of frost. Murray Shaw here to dinner today. I was making bee hives today and Harden was to work underbrushing foller.

19 Sat
Clear and cold with a NW wind. I harnessed up in the morning and started to Blaine. Called to Will wilson’s and called at A.J. Fulton’s. Drove on to Blaine and called at Hussey’s to the Post Office, to B.F. Joneses, to Chandler’s to see about oxen and called to Aaron’s when I was coming back. Got my dinner and came home. J. Kearney, J.W. Fulton, Mrs. Roger Hawksley was here today.

20 Sun
Clear and cool with a North wind. Home all day. Stella is away teaching school. Harden and wife was to Sabbath School today. Cora Rogers came out to commence teaching school in our District. She took tea here this evening and then went to Giberson’s.

21 Mon
Clear with a warm NW wind. There was an Englishman here today by the name of Cross. A comrade of John Hawksley in the Army. We was chopping today. Zeb Cox here. Our seventh swarm of bees came out today. One swarm came out at eight o’clock this morning and went for the woods. Another come out at noon. We hived.

22 Tues
Clear and warm with a SW wind. We was chopping at our foller today. Zeb Cox was here today to dinner and Cora Rogers, James Murray here all night. Joseph Crawford here and got a pig. Charles McPherson was here with his meat cart. Some signs of rain.

23 Wed
Clear and warm with a South wind. We was chopping at our foller today. I commenced hoeing our beans this afternoon. Wife on a visit to Everitt’s this afternoon. Jim Murray left here for home this morning. J.W. Fulton here today and brought us some honey. Some signs of rain.

24 Thur
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Jim came down this morning and helped to smoke out our bee hive. R. Bell here and Harden went down and helped to cultivate his potatoes. I was hoeing beans in the garden. Two people called in with a covered carriage. They came in by Straight’s and said they was from Easton Center and wanted to go to Blaine. Some signs of rain.

25 Fri
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. We yoked our hog and turned in to pasture. Harden fell some trees. We ground my new axe. Me and Jim made a cultivator. Zeb Cox was here. Arthur Hutchinson and Corey girl from Hawksley’s was here today. It commenced raining quite early in the day and still raining at bedtime, at nine o’clock.

26 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a SW wind. Some rain in the morning with a heavy thunder shower in the afternoon. Me and Harden went to Blaine to see Joseph Chandler about oxen. Harden got Laragens from Jones. Alice came and brought Stella home from her school and stayed all night. John Jameson got a pig today. I got my Road Book today. (Notation: “My new shoes”)

27 Sun
Cloudy with a cold North wind and rain all day. I was home all day. Alice and children here. She went home this afternoon and took Stella with her to go up on West Ridge to her school. Zeb Cox and Jud Straight and J.W. Fulton was here today. Harden and wife and Stella went to Sabbath School and meeting to hear Cogswell preach at our School House.

28 Mon
Some clouds and warm with a NW wind. Me and Harden was chopping in foller today. James Kearney called in here today. plenty of field strawberries today. The first this season. Nothing special occurred today.

29 Tues
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Some heavy showers of rain. Me and Jim harnessed our team in double
wagon and went out to the factory. Took dinner at Larrabee’s and got my buckboard at Smyth’s. Got one bbl of flour and one of meal, two gal. Of molasses and 10 lbs of apples from J.W. Collins and came home. The weather is very cold.

30 Wed
Clear and cold with a NW wind. We was cultivating and hoeing potatoes all day. Mrs. Straight, Merty Cox, Judson Straight and Daniel Lindsey was here today.

So Ends the Month of June

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