May 1886

1 Sat
Clear and warm with a SE wind. We finished our fence this morning down by the crick. Done some chores till noon then commenced plowing by the barn. The first we plowed this Spring. We went to School Meeting at four o’clock and voted to have meetings and Lodge in the School House. I sent an official letter out to Bracket by B.F. Jones. Sot our second goose. Zeb Cox here today. Mary Ann Lindsey and girls here tonight.

2 Sun
Some clouds and warm with a SE wind. Some signs of a change in weather. I took Mary Ann Lindsey home today with horse and wagon. On my way home I met Jim Mackey and his son Robert, I had not saw in seventeen years. I saw Jim Collins and talked with him. Jim Kearney,J. McDonald, Merty Cox and Evelyn Fulton was here today. I saw Daniel Craig here today and talked with him. Son of Christofer Craig of Kent, N.B.,CC.

3 Mon
Clear and cool with a South and SE wind. We was hauling rocks and plowing for wheat and repairing road by Giberson’s. Richard Bell was here and got one bbl of Early Rose and a peck of Cristy’s. Signs of rain. Frogs singing tonight.

4 Tues
Some clouds and warm with a SE wind. The wind changed in the afternoon and was quite cool.We was moving our stoves and plowing all day. Mr. Straight was here tonight and borrowed our sheep shears.

5 Wed
Cloudy with a SE wind. We was plowing Green Sword today. William Trafford was here to dinner today from the Province. I received a postal card today from John R. Weed in answer to my letter sent to him with a check of forty dollars. Arthur Hutchinson called this evening and left our papers. Heard of the death of Mrs. Mullen.

6 Thur
Cloudy and cold this morning with a West wind. We was plowing and hauling rocks. Harden went to Everitt’s Rolling Frolick this afternoon. Zeb Cox and J.W. Fulton here today. Clear and cold tonight.

7 Fri
Clear and cold with a SW wind. Some rain and quite cold. I went to Blaine and took out 22 1/2 doz. Eggs. Sold for ten cents a doz. Called at Safford’s, called at David Smyth’s on my way out to see about my buckboard. Went on to Blaine and got my harrow teeth sharpened. Done some trading and got some plastor. Stopped to Aaron’s and got my dinner. Fed the team and started home. Stopped to Jim Collins and got 1 1/2 bushels of wheat and came home. J. Kearney, Mrs. Giberson and Mrs. Getchel here.

8 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Signs of a storm. We was plowing wheat ground. Commenced raining about two o’clock P.M. and rained heavy till I went to bed at eleven o’clock. Nothing of consequence occurred through the day.

9 Sun
Cloudy and cold with a North wind. We was home all day. No one called and very little traveling. It was very cold for the month of May. The white cow came in today. Cleared off in the evening but very cold. I was reading John Colby’s Life the most of the day. The white cow calved today.

[The life, experience, and travels of John Colby, preacher of the Gospel. Dover, N.H. : Free-Will Baptist Printing Establishment, 1854. ]

10 Mon
Clear and very cold with a NW wind. The ground was some froze. The old cow calved today. We was plowing all day wheat and oat ground. Old man Hawksley was here today. Nothing of any consequence took place today. The night is very clear.

11 Tues
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Pails of water froze over and the ground froze quite hard. I was harrowing wheat ground. Harden was helping Jim plough. Anna was there on a visit to Jim’s. Mrs. Straight here. Every sign of a storm.

12 Wed
Cloudy and cold with a South wind. I finished breaking down the wheat ground. Picked some rocks. Harden had Jim helping plow the potato ground.

13 Thur
Cloudy with a SE wind. And rain. We was picking rocks and harrowing some. Jim had the mare and double wagon to move Debbie Wing in home. Harden moved old man Hawksley over to Fred’s. Aaron was here today. I don’t think of anything more worth noting at this time.

14 Fri
Some clouds with a SE wind. Harden was changing with Jim. Sowed 3 bs. And 1/4 wheat and 4 bs. Of peas and oats and harrowed them in today. Jim was here to supper. Mrs. Delong was here today for onions. Clear and warm this evening.

15 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. I took the old mare and the carriage and carried Stella out to the examination today. I went on to Blaine and got the mail. Took dinner at Aaron’s and started home. Stopped to R. Bell’s and got our supper and came home. Harden sheared ten sheep.

16 Sun
Farnum was here and got his dinner and fixed Anna’s watch today. Cloudy and cold with a SE wind and rain all night and all day. We was home all day. J.W. Fulton and Mrs. Getchell and Will Giberson and Merty Cox was here today. Had some tunes on the organ and some singing. Nothing more worth naming occurred today.

17 Mon
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Harden finished shearing the sheep today. I was to work in the orchard grafting. J. Murray, J.W. Fulton, George Pierce was here today. Harden and wife and Stella went to Jim’s to a Pie Sociable this evening for the good of the Lodge. Myself and wife left alone tonight.

18 Tues
Clear and cold with NW wind and a hard frost. I took Mary Delong home in the morning from Jim’s. From the Pie Sociable. Harden was helping Jim to plow. I was home harrowing in our wheat and sowing oats. Aaron and wife was here to dinner and supper. Aaron went in back of hill to visit the School.

19 Wed
Mostly clear with a West wind. Quite warm. Jim was plowing sod land with Harden all day. I was harrowing in wheat and oats all day. I was talking with White from Knoxford today. Talking with Batchholder about his horse hoe.

20 Thur
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. Signs of rain. Very heavy thunder and lightening and heavy rain and hail from the NW in the afternoon. We was harrowing oats and finished plowing the sod ground. Freeman Brown from Knoxford was here.

21 Fri
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Cleared off in the afternoon. Me and Harden put up the fence along our plowed ground in the forenoon and in the afternoon we helped Jim fence. Zeb Cox and Mrs. Delong was here today.

22 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. I was helping Jim build fence half of the day. Saw Will York there. Harden was building fence and picking rocks. Will Giberson came here with a pair of boots to mend. Jim was here today. They all went to Lodge tonight but me and Anna and Perry.

23 Sun
Clear and cool with a NW wind. Myself and wife drove down to Bell’s this morning. Stopped there till after dinner. Then I took Dolly and drove out to Aaron’s. Very unexpectedly there was a baptism there at Jones Mill Pond. A large concourse of people. I think there was between 2 and 3 hundred. Seven baptized. Came up to Bell’s and took supper and came home.

24 Mon
Cloudy and warm with a NE wind. Some showers. We brought our horse hoe home today. We sowed and harrowed in three bushels of oats and harrowed potato ground. A.J. Fulton and Merty Cox hear today. Signs of more rain.

25 Tues
Warm and cloudy and very foggy with a NE wind. Heavy rain all the afternoon and still raining at bedtime. We was choring all day. H. Batchholder was here today and Zeb Cox.

26 Wed
Warm and cloudy with a SE wind and rain most all day. I was home all day choring. Harden went out to H.W. Safford’s to get some salts for the gray mare that was sick. G.W. Edwards was here from Lyndon, Maine, selling horse hoes. Zeb Cox, R. Bell and J.W. Fulton was here today.

27 Thur
Cloudy and cold with a SE wind. Signs of more rain. Harden went down and got Joshua Hartley to doctor over mare that was sick. Jim Murray, Jim Fulton and Zeb Cox, George Shaw, Cole Giberson, Will Giberson, Fred Hawksley and wife was all here today and a man by the name of Been from Kent, N.B. CC.

28 Fri
Cloudy with a NE wind and some rain. Joshua Hartley went from here with Jim Murray this morning. The gray mare very sick. Zeb Cox, J.W. Fulton, Jim Collins, H. Wing, Cole Giberson, George Shaw was here today. Harden and Perry was picking rocks with the old man. W.W. Larrabee and George York was here today and called to see the gray mare that was sick.

29 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Harden picking rocks and harrowing potato ground. H. Delong and Zeb Cox, S. Shaw, Mathias McDonald, John Hallett here today. Harden and Stella is away to the Lodge this evening.

30 Sun
Cloudy and warm with a NE wind. Heavy rain and thunder and lightening in the afternoon from the NW. J.W. Fulton, John Mahan, Samuel Everitt, Edward York, Tom Watson from the Province, Arthur Hutchinson, Merty Cox, Mathias McDonald all here today. William Wilson called. All to enquire about our sick mare. The old mare foaled today.

31 Mon
Cloudy and cool with a NW wind. Me and Jim went to Blaine this morning with his mare and our truck wagon. I had twenty four and one half dozen of eggs. Came back and Jim stopped and got the mare shawed at Smyth’s. I took my dinner at W.W. Larrabee’s.

So Ends the Month of May

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