March 1886

1 Mon
Cold with a NW wind. Snowing and drifting all day and snowing now at 10 o’clock P.M.

2 Tues
Cloudy and cold with a North wind. Snowing and drifting all day with signs of more storm.    J.W. Fulton here today.

3 Wed
Cloudy and cold with NE wind. We was breaking roads here today. John Herrin, James Murray,  A.D. York and James W. Fulton here today.

4 Thur
Cloudy but quite warm with a NW wind. The snow melting. Some signs of rain. Harden came   home from Knoxford today.

5 Fri
Cloudy but quite warm with a NW wind. Signs of more storm. I wrote a letter to Ephraim today.    Zeb Cox here today.

6 Sat
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. Me and Harden went to Blaine. I sent a letter to Ephraim. Took two bbls of potatoes out and sold them to James for $1.40 per bbl.

7 Sun
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Home all day. Appearance of good weather. Jim here tonight.

8 Mon
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Some signs of a storm. I was doing chores and repairing up   some things. Harden had a pain in his head. He went down to cut wood for Cox. He came home   again without cutting any. Thomas Bloodworth here today. William Giberson here today to     borrow shovel. This is washday with our women. Harden went out this afternoon to John Roger’s.

9 Tues
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Me and Stella went to Blaine and called at W.W. Larrabee’s   and took dinner. Stopped to Hussey’s and   done some trading. Called to B.F. Jones.      Stella got boots. Called to Valey’s. Stella paid him $6.90. Traded some. I called at Fred  Hewitt’s. Got a tin boiler. Called to the Post  Office. Got a letter from Ephraim. Got a  package from Portland Transcript. Some signs of a storm today. Elder C. Rideout called here today a few minutes. John Elkins   called. We got a butter tray from him.

10 Wed
Clear with a SW wind. I started to Littleton  with a horse and sleigh. Stopped to Blaine and got sleigh fixed. Went to Bridgewater  and stopped to Joshua’s. Took my dinner  and fed my team and then started to   Littleton at one o’clock. Got to John R. Weeds half after four o’clock. Stopped there all  night. Had a very pleasant time with Weed and family. Talked that affair of Ephraim’s all over.    Took supper and went to bed. I saw some of the greatest drifts of snow on my way, I think I  ever saw. I was told there was one drift between Bridgewater and the lines they took the road under, big enough to haul a ton of hay through.

11 Thur
Clear and pleasant with a SW wind. Some signs of a thaw. Fed my team at Weed’s this morning  and took my breakfast. After looking through the store I started for home about 9 o’clock. Had  a good time. Drove to Custom House, Joseph Smith’s. Stopped half an hour and drove to Bridgewater to Joshua’s. Took my dinner, fed my team and started for home. Called at B.F. Jones and made some little trade. Got 40 cents from J. Hawksley. Got home at 5 o’clock.   P.S. I saw a crow on my journey. The first in this month. I thought it began to look like Spring.

12 Fri
Cloudy and warm with a SE wind. Signs of rain. I wrote a letter to Ephraim. Harden hauled a load  of plank from River de Chute for Zeb Cox. John Bartley and his son and daughter, Havelock  and Jane, J. Murray, J.W. Fulton, Orpha Hutchinson and Will Giberson here today. Got 80 cents  from Will Giberson.

13 Sat
Cloudy and warm with a NW wind. John Bartley went home this morning. Me and Harden went to  Blaine. Orpha  Hutchinson a passenger. Took single wagon out to Smith’s. I mailed a letter to Ephraim, dated March 12, instant. I called to Jones. Harden got a suit of clothes at Hussey’s for $15.00. I saw Aaron at his place. Came home and brought Alice and her children with me.     Richard Bell came with Harden and took supper. Judson Straight here all night. My birthday. Seventy 70 years old today.

14 Sun
Clear and cold with a NW wind. Alice and her children here. Harden took them up to Jim’s.  Charles Lindsey was here to dinner. James Murray and James W. Fulton here to supper tonight.

15 Mon
Some clouds and quite warm with a SE wind. Every appearance of another big storm. I was home   all day. I made a cross bar for my pung fills. Harden went to Jones Mill and got a load of cedar sphalts. James Murray and Will Hargrove and Jud Straight was here today.

16 Tues
Cold with a SE snow storm all day and evening. James Murray here. We was home all day. I was   mending boots and horse harness most of the day. Crows and saw-whits plenty.

17 Wed
Clear and warm with a NW wind. I was home all day cobling. Harden went over to Watson’s Mill  for Mr. Straight with a load of wheat. James W. Fulton and Will Giberson here. St.Patrick’s Day.

18 Thur
Clear and cool with a NW wind. I was home all day. Old man Hawksley here most all day on a  visit. John York called here today and I paid A.J. Fulton’s tax of $8.76 cents on a Town Order   I held of $14.00. Paid Stella tax. Harden went to Fred Robinson’s and Stella to Silsbey’s.   Howard Lindsey and J.W. Fulton here today. Weather clear and fine tonight.

19 Fri
Clear and cold with a NW wind. After shaving and dressing this morning, myself and wife started   for a two days visit with mare and pung. We called at S. Richardson’s, then to G. Silsbey’s and  put up till after dinner. Had a pleasant time. Left there at 3 o’clock. Called to J. Lindsey’s, then  we went to R. Bell’s and put up there for the night. Had a pleasant chat and good time in general.

20 Sat
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind. Signs of a storm. We took our breakfast this morning at R. Bell’s. Had a pleasant chat, then took our dinners. Left for home at one o’clock. Called at  John Lindsey’s and then to the Red School House. Stopped at the Conference Meeting. Saw a  number of our friends and then came home and found all well as usual.

21 Sun
Cloudy and cold with a South wind. Signs of a storm. Myself and wife went to James Murray’s  in the forenoon. Stopped there till after dinner. About noon it commenced snowing and blowing   from the NE. Then we came down to Everitt’s. Stopped there till about four o’clock. Snowed   very hard all the afternoon. Harden came after us with the team. A.J. Fulton, Zeb Cox and   J.W. Fulton was here today.

22 Mon
Cloudy and cool with a NE snow storm all day. Eight or ten inches of snow fell. We started to   Town Meeting about 9 o’clock. Very bad roads. Town Meeting in Hume’s Hall. Our Selectmen   were H.W. Safford, Clerk: A.J. Fulton, Supervisor: W.L. Boynton, Treasury: C.F. Towle, S. Shaw,   Will Wilson, Constables. After getting through we took dinner at A.J. Fulton’s. Got home about nine in the evening.

23 Tues
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind. It was snowing and blowing and drifting all day. It has been   snowing the most of the time since Sunday noon. I think it has fell a foot or more of snow.   Consequently, the travelling is very bad. Home all day doing chores and taking care of the stock.     James Murray was here. We settled with him. Squared all up.

24 Wed
Cloudy and cool with a NW wind. Some snow and drifting bad. Snowed and drifted nearly all day.     Very bad travelling. Home all day. J.W. Fulton and Adaline Murray was here. Harden and Stella  went home with Adaline. Stayed the evening.

25 Thur
Clear and cool with a NW wind in the forenoon but changed in the afternoon to the SE and every  appearance of a storm. Roads very bad with about five feet of snow in the woods. Home all day.   William York here to dinner. Howie Lindsey here today.

26 Fri
Clear and cold with a SW wind. Very heavy wind. I was home all day. Harden went down to Knoxford    and brought home his intended bride. Dell Nutter, Zeb Cox, James Murray, and Anna Murray  here today and two Craine girls. Perry went down to stay with Adaline all night. (A pen notation  made at the bottom of page “O’ Happy Day” which could have been made by Harden later)

27 Sat
Clear and pleasant but quite cold with a NW wind. Harden left home this morning with his    intended bride. Went to Elder Hallowell’s and got married and went on to Knoxford for the    present. I went to Blaine and took Adaline and Anna with me as far as Lindsey’s. Brought them  home again. Traded some with Jones and paid for what I got. Called at Aaron’s, called at the  Way Office and got the mail and came home. (Another notation at the bottom of daily page,    “This was the Day”, possibly written at a later date by Harden or one of family)

28 Sun
Clear and cool with a NW wind. I was home all day. Harden was in Knoxford with his wife. Stella   went to the meeting. We had J. Murray and wife, Charles Lindsey, Richard Currie, J.W. Fulton,   Isaiah Garrison, Horace Cox, besides three young girls that called here in the evening. Every   appearance of fine weather.

29 Mon
Cloudy and cold with a NW wind in the forenoon but changed in the afternoon to SE and looked very much like a storm. J. Murray and wife and Stella came from Bell’s this morning. Harden  came from Knoxford in the forenoon and went back in the afternoon to move his wife up with   double team. Zeb cox, J.W. Fulton, James Murray and wife and daughter here today. I settled   with Murray today. Squared up with him.

30 Tues
Cloudy and cool with a SE wind and some snow in the forenoon with a little rain in the afternoon    but pleasant. Harden moved home with his wife today. We had about sixty people here, old and    young. We had a good treat. Some tunes on the organ and everything passed off quietly. James and Mary Ann and Evelyn, R. Bell and wife was here to supper. No doubt it will be long remembered by some present.

31 Wed
Cloudy with a SE wind. Rain all day and evening and very foggy. Every appearance of more rain.    Roads quite soft. Home all day. James Murray and Howard Lindsey here today. Nell Mahan and Evelyn Fulton here.

So Ends the Month of March

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